A few Pinterest picks to pass along

Can anyone else testify to how quickly this week has gone?  Our schools were out on Monday and I just can’t believe that tomorrow is already Friday!  Abigail has started the “countdown to Summer” on her bulletin board, yet it seems like we just packed away the Christmas decorations last month!  {This is probably the time when my older friends would say something like “The older you get, the faster time flies” – and I’m tending to agree with them!}

I’m spending most of today preparing for my last speaking engagement this Spring (in Oregon), but realized that the blog has been a bit silent so I thought I’d hop on here and pass along a few of my favorite Pinterest pins. I’m not on Pinterest as much as I would enjoy – but when I do log on, I always end up with a few new-to-me treasures.

Like these:

This would make a super GRADUATION GIFT, or birthday gift, or any gift for that matter – especially depending on the denomination of the bills inside. 😉 

Just tape the bills together, stuff in an empty kleenex box, and leave one sticking out of the top.    Then make a tag that says, “Don’t blow it all in one place.”  haha.  Super easy, and what a great idea!

This is one of those “Duh… Why didn’t I think of this” kind of ideas... Of Course!  A small piece of plastic wrap over bottles of liquid will make a huge difference when packing to travel!  In fact, the article with this idea is full of great travel and space-saving packing ideas.

Now I haven’t made this recipe myself yet, but both my mom and my sister made this potato casserole for Easter this year and said it was the easiest and most delicious thing!  The ingredients are on my next shopping list!    It’s called “Crack Potatoes” and it was created all because of some left-over “Crack Dip”.  (The recipe’s developer is one of my favorite food bloggers, btw.)

And lastly, a few things that make me almost LOL…

Yep… So can I! And oh how I can relate to this next one… But I’m working on a better track record these days 😉

How about this one? haha!

Last share of the day: This is one to print and post where everyone in the house can see it:

It’s so true!  When we compare ourselves and what we have to anyone we always come up with the wrong answer.  Either we end up wrongly over-inflated and feel that we are more worthy than others {a dangerous and slippery slope of pride – which keeps us from enjoying what God is doing in the present of our lives.}  Or we end up wrongly deflated in feeling that we are less than what God created us to be {a dangerous and slippery slope of disbelief – which keeps us from enjoying what God is doing in the present of our lives.} 

Comparison of ourselves to anyone else is a trap of the enemy and a form of pride – whether it over or under inflates us.  So let’s not do it!  Instead, let’s keep our eyes focused on Jesus – the Beginner and Completer of  our lives, and enJOY each  moment as we have it, in humility and gratitude to God for exactly what it is. 

Because – these days are flying by. 

May you make the most of the rest of today, my friends.  And may the Lord bless and keep you as you live under the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Jesus Christ in every place (2 Cor. 2:14) ~

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