Some “Soul Food” from a few favorite bloggers


I have just a minute to be on here today, but I couldn’t let this morning pass by without passing along to you three excellent blog posts that were in my e-mail inbox.  One is on encouragement in the midst of need, one is on encouragement as a wife, and one is on encouragement as a mom.   These posts have been bites of “Soul Food” to me as I’ve finished my morning coffee.  Need a little encouragement for your weary soul this day?  Check out one or all of these nourishing blog posts from some favorite writers.

May the Lord bless and encourage YOU today, in whatever way you need Him.  He is Faith-FULL. 🙂




In the midst of discouragement?  Beth Moore has a wise word to share. 

Need a boost in your marriage relationship?  Check out this post from Women Living Well.

Need some wisdom about being a mom?  Arabah Joy addresses this topic often, but this is an especially good post on how NOT to be an insecure mom (OR how to be a Confident Mom).

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  1. Thanks Jennifer, for sharing these lovely posts. =)

    Have a wonderful day!