It’s Fall, Y’all!

 How do I know?

  • Because when I walked out of the house this week, I didn’t suffocate in the heat.


  • Because school{and homework} is in full swing.


  • Because we have already had our first high school football game, and are looking forward to our next one tonight!
  • Because our local Wally-World has all of it’s fall decor out in full force.
  • Because Hobby Lobby has already put out the Christmas decor and crafts right alongside the pumpkins and leaves.
  • Because I heardthat Starbucks has brought back the BEST drink eveh’ ~ Pumpkin Spice Latte’s!!! (But then, I did a little internet research {since we don’t live near a Starbucks} and found that they aren’t out quite yet…)


  • And…Because Bath and Body Works is again selling my very favorite fragrance of all ~ Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin!All of these things speak “Fall” to me.  Never mind that our leaves are still green and that the temperatures will remain in the 90s  with plenty of lung-choking humidity for weeks ahead… Fall has begun.  And if you’ve been reading this blog for at least a year now, you’ll know what recipe must be coming up next…

Ding! Ding! Ding!   It’s…..Amy’s Fall Mix!


Amy is my friend who made this mix “famous” through her kind-hearted generosity.  She makes up big batches and blesses the people in and around her life with it each Fall.   I made some this past weekend and will soon be making some to share with my children’s teachers as an “It’s going to be a great year – and We’re praying for you” kind of gift.  It’s always a big hit!

Amy’s Fall Mix

Just mix the ingredients together in a big bowl:

1-2 Bags Candy Corn or Autumn Mix
1 Bag Indulgent Trail Mix (WalMart)
1-2 Bags M &M’s ( Fall Colors, Plain and/or Peanut)
[Jennifer here: If I can’t find those, I just pull the blue M&Ms out of the “regular” bag. The year this mix in the picture below was made, the M&Ms weren’t too pretty]
1 Can Toffee Peanuts (Dollar General Store or DG Market)
1 Can Mix Nuts or Peanuts (Salted)
1 Box Sugar Babies

Amy writes: “This mix is great because there are really no exact measurements or ingredients involved. For example, if you don’t like sugar babies, just leave them out! My only word of caution…don’t add cheerios or pretzels to this mix, they get soggy.

For around $15 you can be a blessing to many people this season! Be aware that this mix can become addictive….”

So… with thankfulness for Amy, her Fall Mix, the cooler weather,  and the pumpkin products on the shelves… I say a hearty Happy  Weekend, and a Happy Fall, y’all!

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  1. It may feel like fall where you live but not here in Phoenix. But I do love the fall season. And after all, our winters here are like fall so I must not complain.

    Thank you for sharing Amy’s Fall Mix. You’re always spreading the fragrance of Christ wherever you go Jennifer (just like your byline says).

    blessings and love,

  2. I was in Big Lots a few days ago and was surprised to see the fall decor there. I don’t why I was surprised…maybe because our weather is still so hot and humid and I’m not ready to change over to a fall kind of schedule quite yet.