My easy Back-in-School-Routine supper – Crockpot-made and served 4 ways!

Hi friends~  I have just a sec to be on the blog, but wanted to pop in and say hello, and share with you one of my all-time-favorite-busy-mama-meals.    School life is in full swing in the Walker household.  Last night was “Meet the Wildcats” where the fall sport participants were introduced and the first football game is tonight.  That makes me :-)!  But I’m a little  🙁  because I’m going to miss the game.  I’ll be at Camp Garaywa in Clinton, MS at a WMU/Women’s Ministry Celebration and Training Event.  Will any of you MS readers be there by chance??? With the Lord’s help, I’ll be leading 4 sessions.  Getting to serve women in ministry about ministry makes me 🙂  So… Though I’ll miss the game, it will be a great weekend!  My husband has promised to text if/when Nathan gets in the game and to keep me updated on the score.

My son and his friend were so kindly willing to let me take a few posed pics tonight.  (Nathan said this is his “super hero” pose.)



Oh, what precious days these are… I’m trying to soak in as many moments as I can…

OK… On to the recipe.  This is a staple here in the Walker home.  Starting next week, I’m making my menu plans once again and I’ll be using my crockpot as much as possible.   Hope you try and enjoy this as much as we do!  Have a super weekend… and if I cross your mind Friday night or Saturday, would you please pray for me and the other ladies leading the conference?  We sure would appreciate it!





This picture of an apron totally sums up this dinner idea. (Actually, it sums up most of what I cook!)

I’ll own it… 😉

Anyway, this is truly one of the easiest home-cooked dinners I make. We love it – especially because it can be served in 4 different ways for 4 different meals. If you’re looking for fast, cheap, and easy in cooking, this is one to remember.

Crockpot BBQ Roast


1 beef roast (whatever size you need – I always check the sale meat section for big roasts, then freeze them until needed)

Rendezvous Seasoning rub (I know, this is a Southern thing – just use any kind of bbq rub you like)

Dales Sauce (another Southern thing – but it may be sold everywhere?)

Heavy aluminum foil

Rub the roast with the dry rub and place it in a foil pouch. Pour Dales over it and seal it well. Place it in a crock pot, along with about 2 cups of water. Cook this on low all day or night. The longer it cooks, the more tender it will be.

(I often wrap greased baking potatoes in foil and place on top of the roast. And, if there is room, I’ll season green beans and wrap them in a foil pouch and place on top, too. I’ve never wrapped baked beans in foil and cooked them this way, but I’m sure it would work, as well.)

When you’re ready to make the BBQ, pull the roast out of the foil, letting the seasoned liquid run back into the crock pot (reserving some liquid in case needed, or incase you desire to drink it or pour it over a piece of loaf bread… but I digress as I confess). Place the roast in a bowl and shred it with a fork.

At this point, you can do four things with it.
1. To make BBQ sandwiches: Mix BBQ sauce in with the roast, and serve on buns. We’ll eat this with a salad and baked beans.

2. To make a “French Dip” style sandwich: Pour a little seasoned liquid onto both sides of a hoagie roll, add cheese, and the roast. Serve some liquid on the side to dip the sandwich in. (My husband likes to add horseradish to his sandwiches.) I serve potato chips and a salad with this meal.

3. To make BBQ Baked Potatoes: Season the roast with BBQ sauce. Cook the potatoes along with the roast. Cut open the potato and fill with butter, salt, pepper, BBQ, grated cheese, and sour cream. Yummm.

4. To make BBQ Nachos: Mix BBQ sauce in with the roast, and serve on tortilla chips. Top with baked beans, cheddar cheese, onions, and sour cream.

A fast, cheap, easy, basically one-dish, meal. If we really are what we eat, this family is definitely part crockpot roast!

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  1. Hey girl! Well, I’m just seeing this. Hope the conference/training went well for you! Thanks for posting this recipe! Love the versatility with serving it four ways. Of course, got a good chuckle out of your “crossed out” remarks. Ahhh—you’ve always been a girl after my own heart! LOL!! But I’m right there with you, in the busy-ness of school/football season, so this will be super handy! BTW–I had no idea that Dale’s is a “southern thang”…no wonder I love that stuff! Sending tons of love and hugs and LAUGHS from Kentucky! <3

  2. Recipe sounds yummy! I’ll be praying for your conference.

  3. So glad to check in with you my friend. I see you are busy. How I wish one day to come and hear you speak.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love to use my crock pot. It’s wonderful to set it up in the morning and come home from work to a home that smells awesome. I will try this one.

    Love you,