Monday’s “Makes Me Smile”



(Clearance and bargain and Good-Will-style shopping… that is!)

If you don’t get the above picture and if you aren’t laughing out loud at it, you have to watch this Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins video!  I’m laughing just typing about it!!! hahahahaha

If you’re reading by e-mail, click here: YouTube – Tim Hawkins’ Favorite Bible Verse

This is a cute guy and quote.  Wonder if it would work?

And one more thing that I try to abide by every single day:

A Men!

But whether you have big or little hair, just remember this:

Have a happy beginning of the week, my friends!  😉

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  1. FUN!

  2. I think that verse needs to be done in a cute font on pink t-shirts for all of us to wear during “that” time of the month! LOL!!!!!

  3. I love all these quotes and I’ve seen that Tim Hawkins video…hilarious! But I have to say that last one is my favorite. So easy to let your joy be stolen when you’re comparing yourself and what you have to everyone else. Thanks for that reminder.

    Have a great day.

  4. Oh, my! Watched the video…..still laughing!