Monday’s “Makes Me Smile” – {Duck Dynasty edition}


This post makes me “Happy, Happy, Happy”!

Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty??? If not, I’m sorry, but you won’t get the above quotes. 😉

I can NOT believe how this DD fever has taken over our home! We go around quoting Uncle Si as much, or more, than we do “Elf”. If you haven’t ever watched it – you really need to – just for the cultural experience of knowing what everyone else is talking about. This is a clean, family-oriented, funny show – and if you can get past the scraggly beards, it’s really quite entertaining. And on top of that, this family openly professes their love and passion for Jesus. It’s refreshing.

Nathan has a shirt with the 10 best quotes from the show. I found a few on Pinterest to share with you:






I can’t stop laughing!!! My son has always wanted to grow long hair and a long beard, and we’ve always joked with him that he’ll never get a girl if he’s so scraggly and furry. Then along came Duck Dynasty – and every one of those men have beautiful, intelligent and kind wives. It’s blown our entire theory! 😉

The Duck Dynasty family has been touring the South lately & were nearby on Saturday, so Abigail’s basketball team went to see them ON THE WAY to a basketball game! I’m telling you… “DD fever” is as real as “Bieber fever” used to be! Hahaha. The team gave them a CHS team shirt & in return, the Daddy, Phil, game the team a thumbs up!

20121210-082407.jpg (Borrowed from a friend’s FB page)

I’ll leave you with these wise words from Si, the funniest one of all. I admit, I like his life philosophy!

Work Hard, Nap Hard Rap, Uncle Si

Happy Monday, my friends!

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  1. Okay, I’ve really got to check this show out. Just before I left work tonight a friend was telling me about it.

  2. I am right there with you, with the DD fever! Never, ever, ever, EVER did I think I would even remotely be so charmed by guys like this. And you nailed it with “refreshing!!” Undoubtedly the best show on TV aside from NCIS! LOL!!! Seriously, this show is successful because it IS clean, because they DO profess Christ, and because they are REAL…and folks are STARVED for that. It is a hoot to see the old pics of them before they went over the facial hair cliff. Underneath all that hair, they are some handsome men. Which–when you think about it–is a picture (sermon illustration???) of who we all are…imperfect on the outside, and sinful in our flesh….but beautiful on the inside, and made perfect through the blood of Christ. :O) Now…having said all of that…Jennifer, I guess my illusions (delusions??? LOL!) about you have been crashed upon the rocks, because as far as I know…you do not and have never had goats. In which case, according to Miss Kay, you are not a proper woman. And all this time I thought you were….tsk, tsk, tsk….. ;oP

    • Hahaha Julie! I, too, was sad to realize that according to Miss Kay, I’m not a proper Southern woman!!! But I’m looking for some goats & will remedy that situation ASAP. (Not really… I’d have goats & James would “have a cow” hahahaha… 😉

      Love you, girl… You always make me smile!