Mondays “Makes Me Smile” – my man and an “Easy-as-Pie-Fudge-Pie” edition

My dear husband celebrated 50 years of life this weekend. 50 years! I think thats a milestone & wanted to throw him a big surprise party, but…

  1. He’s not into surprise parties like I am… I’m already dreaming of my surprise 50th. 6 years to plan it, James Walker… Just a reminder! 😉
  2. And…because of the gallbladder thing, I’ve not had the pre-birthday, pre-Christmas ability I thought I would have.

He was totally ok with that. Relieved, I think. But we did bring a little attention to his birthday on Wednesday night during supper and prayer-meeting. Our talented friend, Jackie (who designed Keeping Christ AS Christmas‘s book cover) asked me to send her some photos and she made some posters and placed them around the fellowship hall. It was fun & funny. In searching for pictures, I found a few that generally chronicle my man’s life since I’ve known him. Only 2 are pre-me. 😉





I sure do love that man & am so thankful for the life he lives. He is truly a man of integrity who has a genuine servant-heart. He was definitely worth the prayers & the wait!

Since we had no party, we enjoyed a quiet dinner at home. (Did I mention that Nathan had the flu? That would be reason #3 for no party.) So between Lysol-ing everything & everyone, we made James’ favorite foods. Since I’m not proficient at basking some of his favorite desserts, I made him a chocolate fudge pie. When we first married, chocolate pie was one of his favorites so I dug out a recipe given to me years ago & whipped this up in literally a flash. It was SO good!!! I now know what “Easy as Pie” means. Haha. Thanks Amy P. for this recipe circa 1994.

Easy as Pie Fudge Pie

1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 small can condensed milk
6 tbsp. cocoa
Dash of salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 unbanked pie shell

Put all ingredients into a blender. Blend 2 minutes. Pour into pie shell & bake at 350 until firm (45-60 min) depending on how fudgy you prefer. Excellent with ice cream.

My sweet husband & that deliciously easy fudge pie… That makes me smile on this Monday!

Many blessings to you, my friends…

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  1. I hope your husband had a wonderful Birthday! Enjoying your blog very much; you always have something that helps me along. Our Lord is so good! I have a question regarding your recipe for the fudge pie. You said it calls for a small can of condensed milk. I can find only the 14 oz size. Should I use half of it?

    Thanks much.

  2. Happy Birthday to James. And I hope you are recovering!
    I am going to try the fudge pie recipe. Can you just stir it and not use a blender?
    Merry Christmas to your family.