Easter and Jesus – An original Poem ” ‘Twas The Day Before Easter”

On this silent Saturday, may we rejoice in Jesus, The Truth, Life, and Way!


‘Twas the Day Before Easter
an original poem by Jennifer Crawford Walker


‘Twas the day before Easter, and all through the land
There was mourning and grieving for Jesus, the man.
Forsaken by God, abandoned by friends,
Jesus was punished for all of our sins.
“Crucify Him!” the angry crowds cheered.
“Save Yourself!” the bitter ones jeered.
His followers’ hopes were dashed in His death
As they watched their Leader take His last breath.
They didn’t remember or couldn’t understand
All Jesus said about God’s ultimate plan.
What they thought in this silence seemed the end.
They’d lost a Master, a Teacher, a Friend.
But Praise be to God – things aren’t as they seem!
A battle was raging behind death’s last scene.
Sin could not win, death could not hold
Messiah, Our Savior, as prophets foretold.
When on the third day, women were a-chatter,
Disciples ran to the tomb to see what was the matter.
The tomb – it was empty, just like they said.
Jesus had risen – He’s no longer dead!
Sin, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?
It was finished! Sin’s curse –  destroyed by The King!
Now we hear Jesus exclaim from His Word every day,
“Come unto me, I’m The Life, The Truth, and The Way!”
‘Twas the morning of Easter, and all through the land,
We rejoice in Salvation, through Jesus, for man!
Jennifer Crawford Walker

(Years ago on the weekend before Easter, Abigail was randomly quoting “The Night before Christmas”… and all of a sudden, this poem started swirling around in my mind. It was a sweet gift from The Lord to me, & I’m grateful to pass it along. )

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  1. Sorry I spell poem wrongly – it should have read
    Thanks for sharing your poem – it was beautiful

  2. Thanks for sharing your porm it was beautiful

  3. What a beautiful poem my friend. I am so thankful you shared it with us! Happy Easter!