What “Easter” Means to Me {an original poem}


A blessed and happy Resurrection Sunday to you all~

What Easter Means to Me

A fresh start.
A clean heart.
Forgiven pasts.
True Love that lasts.
A Holy embrace.
A face to Face.
Man’s Peace restored
Love far and wide –
for me, His bride.
The Savior Divine,
forever mine.
No longer blind, now Christ I see.
That’s what Easter means to me.

Jennifer Crawford Walker
March 16, 2013

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  1. Easter has always meant a renewal, of mind, of spirit, going at my new life’s challenges with an open heart, my commitment to love that is unconditionally.
    That last one has become hard for me. I have found that after a divorce you no longer have that easy to love spirit, to surrender to ones feeling. Love comes harder now, with stipulations, conditions and it has to have qualifications.
    If you are lucky enough to find someone you begin your relationship with issues right off the bat. You have self doubt, skepticism and a paranoid level dose of mistrust.
    Things that hit you are, If I love this person will they sour and turn their back on their commitments to us. Will they concentrate on self serving ways. Will there be hatred festering under the surface for years that I do not know about that I caused but had no Idea, Will they turn to tactics to alienate me from their life. Since it happened one it can happen again right?
    You know when one invest in a relationship for years there is a certain amount of control you have to give up. You are no longer calling the shots, you have to allow the other person to make some pretty important decisions. Even thou they effect you. You have to trust them to make the right decisions. Some times they are right and sometimes they are very wrong.
    Christ gave us the opportunity to try love again. He had seen our actions, seen our hatred towards each other. Witnessed how cruel we could be, how self serving we had become.
    His father asked him if he wanted to go down there and see if he could change things. Thinking some face time with man could be what it took to help us love again.
    God made this sacrifice and we again had faith, love and kindness because of forgiveness that was given from God almighty. Jesus pleaded our case to God as a first hand experienced person. He lived our lives with us found out how hard it can be to trust, to love, to have faith.
    Even as we killed him he pleaded for us. “Forgive them father, They know not what they do”
    I guess if God can forgive and love again I can as well.

    To my Family and friends I wish you a Very Blessed Easter Day and may God fill your life with Love, Hope and forgiveness. You all mean so much to me.

    Love you Jack Foy

  2. Yes! This is what Easter means to me too!