A few good Pinterest Picks

Hello!   Does it feel like Spring where you live? It was actually so sunny and warm here yesterday that my shoulders are sunburned from sitting outside and studying…. in addition to that,  our local show cone shop opened this week and it seems that everyone around here enjoyed our first snow cones of the year. Yep – Spring has sprung, and we are counting down the days ’till summer.  🙂  Yet at the same time, my sister’s children were out of school Tuesday – because of a BLIZZARD! That’s crazy to me! Until now, we’ve never lived so far apart that our weather seemed to be at opposite ends of the thermometer. This morning, she sent me this pic:



And I sent back to her this one (taken at the same basic time, since they are an hour behind us):


Both of our captions were, “Can you believe it?”  She is wrapped up in a heavy coat and fur collar and I’m in flip flops… crazy to me!


I’ve been hanging close to home for the last several days… Abigail has mono, so we’ve been spending quite a bit of down time together. She is getting better each day, and we hope she will go back to school (at least part of the days) toward the end of the week. Truly, I am sad for her that she has been sick, but I sure have enjoyed the time with her. 😉 (I know those of you who have mothered teen daughters can totally understand!} There’s always something for which to be thankful ~ right???

One of the extra perks of down time at home for me is Pinterest time! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some Pinterest picks so I thought I would pass on a few of my favorite boards.


Confession time: I’m a Pinterest hoarder, I’m afraid. I’ve pinned almost 6000 things – and feel attached to every one of them – at least at the time of pinning. Somehow, as I pin something, I imagine myself making it, or decorating with it, or gifting it, or printing it, etc… I’m so creative {in my own mind!} But unfortunately, most of my Pinterest activity stops there ~ right in my mind. Bummer!

However, since Pinterest now allows “groups” to pin to boards, I invited a few of my friends who actually cook some of the recipes they’ve found on Pinterest to join me in a special recipe board. This favored board is called “Been there, Done that, Loved it.” and it’s description reads: “Pinterest Recipes & Picks we’ve actually tried & loved! {Friends don’t let friends re-make Pinterest Fails!}”     The only rule for this board is that its pinners have made, and would make again, the recipes pinned there.  From now on, that’s where I’m going first when I’m planning a new menu item. Want to check it out for yourself? Click here.


And speaking of favorite Pinterest boards, this Printables board is one I just adore. I go to it often, checking out all of the cool things I have at my disposal to print. Not that I’ve actually printed anything from it yet… but just knowing it’s there delights me. {I know… Pinterest Hoarder of the worst kind!}


If you are participating in VBS this summer and your theme happens to be along the subject  of  “Carnival,” I’ve been collecting some easy decorating and snack ideas on this board.


I need to go check on my “little girl,” so that’s all for now.   Hope you have a great Wednesday… and that whether you are wearing flip flops or furs, you are enjoying the evidence of the Creator all around you.  🙂





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