Monday’s Makes Me Smile

A happy Monday and new week to you, my friends! These pics make me smile… (Mostly because they are so relatable!) You?








One more thing makes me smile this day… A half-smile from anticipation of many prayers answered, and the other half-smile from embarrassment & timidity… You’ll have to watch my poorly-made first-ever Vlog to find out what I’m rambling on about. You are my safe place of practice…so thank you in advance for your grace.


(If you are reading by email, or if for some reason this video is not working here, click here to see the video.)

Thank you for being a part of You & Jesus… You make me smile a lot!
Happy week to you ~


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  1. Love it

  2. I always love your Monday comics. Today’s favorite is the one about a mother screwing it up. Pretty much how I’ve felt most of the time.

    For some reason I couldn’t get the video to work, even on Youtube. I’ll try when I get home. It may be a problem here at work.

  3. What an exciting opportunity. You will do great! I hope we get to see it after it airs. : )