Makes Me Smile

Following so much devastation in the midwest, I feel almost heartless in posting something so trivial as dumb or funny pictures.  I almost didn’t write this post because I know that across our nation there are many who are drowning in grief.  But then I thought of the most amazing truth of all… in the midst of my own personal deepest grief, there was always something that could make me smile: the fact that no matter what ~ God was and is still on His throne.  I may not like what He has allowed.  I may have my feelings deeply hurt because He didn’t rescue me or my loved ones, but the fact that no man or force of nature will EVER overcome Him… that is a reason to press our lips together and lift the corners of our mouths, even if tears are streaming down our faces.

Hebrews 13:5 and it’s promise:


I am praying for all of you who are suffering right now… for those of you highlighted on the news, and for those of you who are going through your own private battles – dear ones who feel like you are hanging on by a thread and can’t imagine HOW God will come through for you and work it all out for good.




For this encouragement and food from God’s Word:

see this post.


About the tornado victims of the mid-west:

For some practical advice from a natural disaster survivor of how you can help when tragedy strikes an area, this is a wonderful first-hand list of ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the coming days.

And if you are miles away from being physical help, you can share your financial resources – you’d be surprised at what $10 can do… I personally know people who work with this organization and know that every designated dollar given is used in it’s designated ministry.  Southern Baptist Disaster Relief works alongside the Red Cross.  They are the ones in the yellow shirts, hats, and jackets.  You’ve seen them on the news at every disaster – silently and effectively working not for the praise of man but to the glory of God.  Through them, we can all be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Who around you needs a loving touch of the Lord Jesus today?  Wherever we are is no cosmic accident.  We are where we are for such a time as this.  And somehow, whether we are in the midst of our own devastation or are a witness to someone else’s, God will use the willing hands, feet, hearts, and wallets of the Body of Christ to create beauty from ashes.  This truth… it makes me smile. 🙂

Praying with you and for you~


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