Today “our” Summer begins :-)

It’s been a busy house here this week… Exams, end of the year activities, our senior class graduated last night… and by the end of this day, school will be out and I will be the mama of a Junior and a Sophomore in High School.  That means that for our firstborn, the graduation count down clock begins ticking… I honestly can’t believe it – yet at the same time, it seems strangely natural.  But as Scarlett says, “I can’t think about that now. I’ll go crazy if I do.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.”   Yep.  Wisdom according to Scarlett.

Part of the normal “last week of the school year” activities is putting together gifts for the teachers.  Even in High School, I believe that the teachers who pour so much into our children’s lives need occasional treats and thank-yous.  We often do this for elementary teachers, but as the children get older and not nearly as “adorable” as the little ones… it’s those teachers who need our encouragement and gratitude.  Sadly it’s also those teachers who rarely get it.  One major reason, my children tell me, is that it is embarrassing to carry in gifts from mom and give to your teacher.  I get it.  So… I usually deliver these gifts myself… to the office, with a note of thanks from our family.  I always try to include something for the office staff as well.  These dear teachers and school staff members are with our teens more in the waking hours than we are these days.  I so appreciate them!

If you have school-age children in your home, whether they are 8 or 18, do consider blessing the teachers who invest in them.  Teaching is a calling (I know… it’s what I was before I was called to stay-at-home) and its something certainly NOT done for the money.  These men and women are teaching because they care about investing in the future.  So let’s make sure that we invest a little visible gratitude in them all year long and as the school year ends.

Here are some easy ideas I found on Pinterest.

Sweedish Fish and A & W Rootbeer.  Tag says: You are ofFISHally the most AWesome teacher ever!

Beach towel, great magazine,  & tanning lotion.  Tag reads: “Thanks for making this school year feel like a day at the beach.”

I love this idea!  I’m sure that a Starbucks gift card is inside. 😉

Very cute – a summer hat, flip flops, insulated cup, and sunglasses.

Aside from these summery gifts, food gifts are always a “sweet treat”.  These are a few of the food gifts I’ve made and sent to school in days past.

A Muffin basket for the office staff.  Recipe here.

White Chocolate Popcorn.  Recipe here.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa – So easy and pretty in a mason jar.  Recipe here.

Easy Summer Lemon Cookies – these are a favorite of ours.  Recipe here.

This year, Abigail actually made the white-chocolate popcorn that we gave out yesterday.  She had a friend over and they helped write the notes accompanying each gift.  It was so nice to have some help.  Along with the popcorn, we gave a few of these summer drink gifts.  I saw these cute glasses (insulated plastic mason-style jars with lids and straws) at Wally World several weeks ago and knew they would make great summer-gifts.  We put packets of Propel restoring –  replenishing – energizing drink mix in the cups.  The tag said, “Hope you have replenishing and energizing summer.  Thanks for a wonderful year.”


I am very thankful for a wonderful year.  It’s certainly had its ups and downs, and it’s gone by quicker than any other year of my life, but I’m thankful to have another milestone school year behind us.  God has carried us through every day and I give Him every bit of the glory.

So with a huge grin, I say, “Welcome to Summer, Cleveland, MS!  It’s officially here!!!! May each of us make the most of every coming day! ”

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  1. Such wonderful and thoughtful gifts! =)
    May you have a blessed Summer!