Ladies, Girls, Men, and Boys… “You are Not a Number!”

Yesterday my friend, Amy Thompson, posted something on Facebook that was so truthfully stated and beautifully written that I asked if I could share it on the blog. She wrote these words for her teen daughters, but this truth fits teen girls and boys, as well as women, and men. Within the world today, it’s good to both know and remember that we are not defined by numbers. Thanks, Amy, for sharing with us. 🙂

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I have 2 teenage girls. I tell them, “You are not a number.” This post is for all those teenage girls out there who feel defined by the numbers today.


You are not a number…

Society tries to define you. Culture tries to shape you (figuratively AND literally). My dear teenage daughters, you are NOT a number. When the numbers overwhelm, remember this:

You are not your pants size.

You are not your SAT score.

You are not the number of calories in a cupcake.

You are not your jersey number.

You are not the number of boyfriends you’ve had.

You are not the number of boyfriends you HAVEN’T had.

You are not the number of people who came to your birthday party.

You are not number of games your team won.

You are not your bra size.

You are not your choir’s festival score.

You are not the number of proms you’ve attended.

You are not the year model of your car.

You are not the number of crunches you did last night.

You are not your GPA.

You are not the number of people who signed your yearbook.

You are not the number of likes on Instagram.

You are unique. Nobody can accomplish the things you can in the way you can.

You are gifted. Find what you love to do. Develop it and give it back to the world.

You are loud. Own it. Embrace it. And love loudly.

You are quiet. Smile. Shine. And love quietly.

You are fierce. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from going after your dreams.

You are free. Free to love others. Free to dance with your shoes off. Free to be a friend… to everyone.

You are a leader (whether you know it or not). Lead well. Others are watching.

You are a follower. Follow those worth following.

You are creative. Think outside the box. And add glitter.

You are strong. You are capable of much more than you even realize.

You are weak. Know when you need to lean on others.

You are beautiful. The God of the universe created you. He makes no mistakes.

You are loved. Period. No matter what.

by Amy Thompson


So God created human beings in his own image.

In the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27 NLT



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