Monday’s “Makes Me Smile” – It’s a Hot Summer Edition


First of all…


Are y’all?

The Summer heat and humidity are full on these days down here in the Delta.  In fact, I took this picture the other day – I was finally comfortable {as in, not burning up} in my shorts and tee shirt while our ceiling fan was on high speed, and I looked over at Abigail, and this is what she looked like:

She was in long thick sweat pants and a heavy hoodie drawn over her face.  Crazy.  I guess I can’t blame it all on summer heat.  It may be more like this:


So… maybe this cookbook could come in handy???

On another note, during the summers, if you ever feel the need to slap someone, this might come in handy… I’m just sayin’    😉


The biggest thing that makes me smile on this hot summer day is that my sister and her children are down South (from Colorado) for 6 weeks!  Most people go to the cooler weather during the summer… but not them ~ they came into the heat to be with us.  As much as possible, I’ll be zipping over to Batesville to spend time with them, soaking up as much sweet fellowship and laughter as I can.



Hope you have a wonderful week, my friends.




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  1. Hi my friend. I was thinking about you & hiw hot Phoenix is when i wrote this post. 😉 For me, its the thick humidity that gets me … now that… it does NOT mske me smile. Haha. It’s actually a rainy Monday here, so we are staying insid in the cool. 😉

    Still praying for you often. I keep up with your posts by email. You always bring joy. 🙂

    Love you~

  2. It’s hot in Phoenix too! So I hear you friend. I had to laugh at the title to this post. I’m glad Mondays make you smile. I remember a Carpenters song ‘rainy days and Mondays’.