What happens at the Breakfast Table…

doesn’t stay at the breakfast table… It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

My poor family… sometimes I feel so sorry for them when I think about all of the hot breakfasts my mom used to make for us.  I remember that it was a treat to “get” to have cold cereal. Haha.  These days, for my family, it’s a treat if we don’t have cold cereal.

Unfortunately, lately this has been my mantra:

But that’s going to change this school year.  I’ve got three more school years total (two with Nathan and three with Abigail) to fill up our children before they greet the world each morning.  So this year’s goal is to provide both spiritual and physical nutrition around the breakfast table.  However, this will require much better planning and follow through on my part!  Lord, help me!!!

To feed my children spiritually, this is my plan:

1.  Be intentional and ask the Lord to direct me as I plan for this.

2.  Go to bed early enough so that I can get myself up early enough to be filled with the Lord.  For help in how to do this, see this post.

3.  Play praise music as breakfast is being prepared.

4.  Sit at the table with the children.  Listen to them.  Don’t talk “at” them, or use this time to correct or nag.  Don’t be distracted in doing anything else for these short 10 or 15 minutes.  Plan my getting ready schedule around this time.

5.  Gently share what God shared with me earlier in the morning.

6.  Gently focus on the memory verse (posted phrase by phrase each week on the chalkboard above our table).

7.  Ask how I can pray for them, then pray over them as the meal concludes.


To feed the family physically, this is my plan:

For the physical nutrition, I’ve found a good number of simple breakfast recipes on Pinterest that I plan to try.  These Breakfast Cookies look like they would be delicious and fun.  The recipe sharer says they freeze well, so they would be easy to grab and go on those extra hectic mornings when time around the table is quick.

For this particualr recipe, click here.  There are actually lots of types of breakfast cookie recipes out there.

These Breakfast Egg Muffins also look like a winner.  Will be trying these next week.  Again, another “make ahead” breakfast idea.

For the recipe, click here.

We aren’t all oatmeal lovers, but this Baked Oatmeal Casserole looked really delicious.

For this recipe, click here.

Speaking of oatmeal, my friend Kim {New blog name: Just For Clicks} shared this recipe link for Overnight Oats on her blog.  It looks yummy and has endless possibilities:

See recipe here.

I’ve also collected a few ideas that utilize the good ole crock pot.  This Crock Pot French Toast looks like a winner:

Click here for this recipe.

Being realistic, I know that there will still be occasional offerings of cereal, bagels, and pop tarts on the run, but I pray that it will no longer be the norm.  At least that’s my plan.  It’s always good to have a plan.  Right?

I personally believe that what happens at the breakfast table sets the tone for the whole day.  This year, I want my family’s love tanks, hearts, and tummies to be full as they face the world and all of the plans God has for the day. 🙂





What Happens at the Breakfast Table sets the tone for the rest of the day.

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  1. Friend, I LOVE this! With my kids starting a new school… That time with them in the morning is so important to getting them off on a good start. I’ve been TRYING to get up early enough to have my devotional time (a long QT has to come after they are gone) and get myself ready…. then get my kiddos up. I’ve been playing K-Love (Christian radio station) and lighting candles. I have NOT made breakfast yet –> It’s all been cereal and bagels. But my goal is to make a hot breakfast. And we read from Jesus Calling for Kids. Thanks for all the inspiration my Friend. Love to you!