A “must-hear” if you are still rearing your children…

I’m typing this and listening to a countdown on the news…seven minutes until the government officially shuts down.  Prayer.  That’s all I have to say right now about that.  Everything else is overwhelming to me at the moment.

Here’s a question even closer to home:

Do you ever want to have an official “family shut down”?  Sometimes I fear that in rearing our children, we’ve missed so many opportunities to do things the right way.  It’s overwhelming…To me, the two biggest challenges in parenting are that life is moving at a rapid pace, and we are carrying around access to the entire world in our pockets (hardly anything remains off limits).

Whatever rules and safeguards we parents place on or around our children in order to protect their hearts can be undone in a millisecond through access to a peer’s handheld device… How is a family who is seeking to rear its children in purity supposed to do it?

I don’t know the answers… but I heard a podcast today from someone who does have some answers.  Blessedly, I learned that we were doing some things right… and of course, there are still some things that we can do better.  I was encouraged, so I wanted to pass it along.

This is a two-part radio series by Josh McDowell on Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s wonderful radio program, Revive Our Hearts.   Whether your children are 3, 13, or 23, God has some wisdom to share with you through this short series.

Topics include:

  • How to teach our children to navigate media peer pressure and retain their purity
  • How to keep communication lines open with our children and teens
  • What our children/teens need most from us in this sex-crazed world
  • Addressing pornography in the Christian home


You can go to this link on ReviveOurHearts.com and find both parts of this series. The programs are around 25 minutes each.  Start with the one entitled “Small Conversations With Big Results,” then listen to “Stepping Into Your Child’s World.”

You can listen to them straight from your computer, or via podcasts.  If you don’t have a way or the time to listen to these programs, you can even read the transcripts here:

Small Conversations with Big Results

Stepping Into Your Child’s World

May the Lord use these truths to strengthen your families as you seek to honor Him ~

Isaiah 40:11.  SmellingCoffee.com


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