The beloved “Amy’s Fall Mix” recipe


Amy's Fall Mix Recipe -
If my memory serves me correctly, this is the sixth year that I’ve posted this recipe on the blog, and it probably ranks as my “most-googled” recipe ever.  It’s an instant favorite with anyone who tastes it, and a special treat to share with neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and friends.  Many people around Nashville and Cleveland have now made this a regular in their line up of fall foods.  If you haven’t yet made “Amy’s Fall Mix,” don’t put it off any longer!  You won’t regret it.  I promise!

(If you’re wondering just who Amy is, she is my dear heart-friend from Nashville – who now lives in Merrit Island, FL, who introduced central TN to this fine treat.  She has the gift of giving, and taught me how to think of blessing others through thoughtful little gifts.  For a time, Amy wrote a weekly installment on this blog called “Frappuccino Fun with Amy” and shared her wisdom and ideas.  I still pull out and repost her writings around the holiday seasons.  Anyway, this was Amy’s recipe, and her act of kindness in sharing this treat has spread from Nashville across the country, and even crossed the globe.  Thanks, Amy…  I sure do love and miss you!)

This is Amy’s original recipe:

Amy’s Fall Mix

Just mix the ingredients together in a big bowl:

1-2 Bags Candy Corn or Autumn Mix

1 Bag Indulgent Trail Mix (WalMart)

1-2 Bags M & M’s (Fall Colors, Plain or Peanut) [Jennifer here: If I can’t find those, I just pull the blue M&Ms out of the “regular” bag.]

1 Can Toffee Peanuts (Dollar General Store or DG Market)

1 Can Mix Nuts or Peanuts (Salted)

1 Box Sugar Babies

This mix is also great because there are really no exact measurements or ingredients involved. For example, if you don’t like sugar babies, just leave them out! My only word of caution…don’t add cheerios or pretzels to this mix, they get soggy.

For around $15 you can be a blessing to many people this season! Be aware that this mix can become addictive….”


Recently, I made a batch to share with the nurses at Mom’s rehab hospital and her out-patient PT office.  It’s always nice to know that a job well done is appreciated.  And sometimes, all it takes is a kind word and a few candy corns, nuts, and a little chocolate!

I usually follow Amy’s recipe exactly, but this time, I thought I would experiment with adding a few other ingredients.  So… I threw caution to the wind, went a little wild, and mixed all of these together:

Fall Mix ingredients. Amy's Fall Mix Recipe~


The colors were beautiful.  And the taste… Ummm, Ummm, Good!

Fall Mix ingredients. Amy's Fall Mix Recipe~


(Sometimes the M & M’s fall colors don’t look so great in the mix – like the year that they had purple and green as a part of their fall bags.  Ug.)

Amy's Fall Mix -


Once the mix is made, package it in mason jars tied with ribbon or twine, disposable plastic containers, or little cellophane bags tied with ribbon.  Take it to a party, leave it on your desk in the office, or in a glass container on your kitchen counter.  To bless both the tummy and the heart, don’t forget to add a little note of encouragement, thanks, or an empowering Scripture verse.

Amy's Fall Mix recipe ~

A little kindness and thoughtfulness and chocolate goes a long way~


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