The One-Minute Thanksgiving Game :-)

The So Very Thankful (1 minute Thanksgiving) Game.


Do you have one minute today that you could squeeze in a little fun with the Lord?  If so, play the “One Minute Thanksgiving Game” with Him and with those around you.  Whether you are spending today home alone or in a house full, whether you are full of food, or loneliness, or angst… this game is a sure way to bring a quick smile to your face and a beautiful perspective to your heart.  As Ann Voskamp says, “As long as thanks is possible,  joy is possible.”  

The One-Minute Thanksgiving Game

Items needed:  

A timer (watch, phone, etc that can count down from 60 seconds)

A sheet of paper and a writing utensil for each person playing

A “reward” for the winner  (In my family, that would be something little like a download of a song from i-tunes, or an app of choice, my treat.  Other ideas: A free pass from kitchen duty, control of the family TV for an hour, a Christmas ornament, a full Thanksgiving “left-overs” basket, a yummy loaf of bread or baked treat… Just something little that makes the game more fun and that gives incentive to those “nay-sayers” who complain about participating – haha.) And, if you are playing this by yourself… give yourself a little reward, too. 😉

What to do:

Pass out the paper and pencils/pens.  Set your timer for one minute.  (You participate, too!)  When the time-keeper says “Go,” everyone must , as quickly as possible, start listing that for which they are thankful.  As many as possible.  Write like crazy for one full minute, listing one blessing per line.  {Hint, just use single words that remind you of the blessing.  This isn’t the time to elaborate.} When the timer beeps and the one-minute is up, have everyone count their blessings.  Then have each one read his/her list aloud, and award the prize to the winner of the most recorded blessings.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, award a separate prize to the one with the most unusual blessing listed, and/or to the one with the most sacrificial blessing listed (the one who listed the hugest difficulty as a blessing from God).

I’m sure there are so many variations one can make to this game.  The Lord awoke me this morning with this game in my head, and before I go bake a pumpkin pie, I wanted to pass it along to you. 🙂

And speaking of you… I so very much appreciate  you.  Thank you for reading Smelling Coffee… and a special thanks for those of you who at some point have taken the time to respond and  let me know that the Lord has used these words in your life.  It’s an honor to serve you and the Lord in this small way.

A blessed, blessed day to each of you, my friends!  With a grateful heart and prayers lifted for you as I type this~ (my “prayers are always spilling over into thanksgivings.” Col. 1:3, MSG)





Choose Thanks.

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  1. How fun! I didn’t read this in time to play this year though. Have a lovely tomorrow!

  2. We did a variation – had a board up with instructions – supplied paper – list items we are thankful for and put in a basket. After we ate, gathered in a circle and passed the basket for each one to pull a list and read it aloud. Several were easy to pick (one thankful for her nursing degree, one described where he met his wife) but so many included thanks for their salvation, for their family, for all God has provided in this life and the one to come. A beautiful way to share. May families be blessed by being thankful.