Another Gift Exchange Game Idea – The Luke 2 Version

Luke 2 Left`Right Gift Exchange.

As I was gathering the ideas for this Gift Exchange post, I especially enjoyed the Right/Left game using the poem, ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  But I wondered why there wasn’t a gift exchange using the True Christmas Story.  Then again, I wondered if that might be a little sacrilegious… On the other hand, since the exchanging of Christmas gifts is symbolic of the Greatest Gift of All, why not use the Real Christmas Story in a gift exchange?  I agree. 😉

So… using The Message’s version of Luke 2, I added the words “Left” and “Right” where they somewhat made sense, and created a new gift exchange game.  I totally would have used this last night at my own Sunday School Class party, but am still at home, under the weather.  But there’s always next week.  Right?  Hope you enjoy~

Click here for the downloadable PDF: Luke 2 Left/Right Gift Exchange Game  (PS: I edited this version to add more “Rights” to the game – just in case you tried it and felt like (as I did) that the gifts should have moved a little further away from their origin.)


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