A Mid-January Book Club: The Calvary Road

Do you want to grow closer to the Lord this year? 

Do you need a personal revival?

Do you want to be able to see where God is working in and through your life?

If so, these blessings begin by going humbly to the Cross-with a holy expectancy that God can and will meet you there.  And this is exactly the process that you’ll be taken through as you prayerfully delve into this short, but powerful, book.


The men and women of our church are being invited to read this book during the remainder of January and I wanted to extend the invitation to anyone who would care to join us.  This is a book that I’ve often read while the year is new, but so far this year, my heart has been especially broken by the realization of my own sin.  More than any previous time, God has used The Calvary Road to give me a spiritual “workout” over starving the flesh and feeding the Spirit.  Not that I’m succeding too much, but each time I choose to put into practice the principles in The Calvary Road, and bend my “I” into a “C” (as in “Not I, but Christ”), I know my spiritual muscles will grow stronger.

If you’re in for a spiritual workout, this is the book for you!  But beware… just as physical workouts are temporarily painful, so will be this road to Calvary.  However, the benefits will be eternal.

Please join me and  the men and women of FBC Cleveland in reading The Calvary Road.  And if you are in the Cleveland, MS area, we will be meeting on Sunday, January 26 at 5pm to discuss and share what God has revealed and revived in our lives as we worked and prayed through this book.  


This  PDF explains how the book club will work  (  January Book Club Info page 2014 ) so open it up and get ready to join us. 😉

You can obtain a copy the book through Amazon here,
OR you can download the e-book for FREE here and the PDF version for FREE here.
The PDF version can be opened and read on your electronic readers, or in ibooks, or on your computer, or printed out to hold in your hands. 🙂

AND… if you want to get the MOST from this study, for around $3.50 you can purchase (in book form or in e-book form) The Calvary Road Study Guide-Workbook (linked here).  It has brought a whole new dimension to studying through this book and to the piercing of the secret places of my heart with God’s Word.  Every day He draws me closer through the searching and cleansing of my life, and I am experiencing revival…

I hope you’ll join us in this journey down The Calvary Road.  I’ll meet you at the foot of the cross~


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