Easy Super Bowl themed snacks

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other night and saw some of the cutest ideas for Super Bowl party snacks.  The more I saw, the more lame I began to feel.  These are SO cute and creative… and I’d love to do something like this.  But in reality, even if I planned to do it and bought all of the ingredients, something would probalby come up at the last minute and I’d chicken out and take one of my standard go-to snacks.   But aren’t these beautiful???






OK… now that’s enough of that!  If you are planning to create something like the above, more power to you!  They are incredible, and will make a SUPER Super Bowl presentation.

However, if you are like me and would truly love to make and take something festive but don’t have the patience to perfect the masterpieces above, maybe you can do as these other pinners did and transform your favorite snacks into the shape of a  football.  Yes?

Take a look at these cute and SO-doable ideas:

An easy table idea:

Easy to make silverware holders:

Regular deviled eggs with just a few snips from a scallion.

Could this be any easier?  Icing on an Oreo.

Layers of dip in a casserole dish with sour cream (via an icing piping bag or a baggie with a snipped corner) marking off the football field. Very do-able.

Squish the sides of your cheese ball and trim it with strips of stringed cheese.  Easy!

Or pile all of the pepperoni onto the middle of the pizza in like manner:

Arrange a cheese and cracker plate in the shape of a football…

… or on a plastic football dish from a party store.

String cheese lines on a hotdog – festive but easy peasy!

White icing on a chocolate iced cup cake.  Seriously – it’s just as cute and festive as something extra time-consuming.

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of creativity and effort to transform something “regular” to something “Super-bowl-delicious.”  So get out those piping bags and draw a few lines on something brown, call it a football… and look like those other Pinterest-Super-Heros during this year’s Super Bowl game.  😉


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  1. These are wonderful ideas!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl! =)