“Wife School” – If you’re married… You will want to read this – I promise!

What do you get when you combine a group of married women, cups of coffee, some  yummy sweets, and a fun, funny, & informative book on how to better love your husband?  You get a “Wife School” book club gathering!  And that’s exactly what some of us Cleveland girls experienced last night.  It was SO much FUN!

If you haven’t heard of or yet read Wife School, and if you are married (or are getting married soon) – this is truly a MUST READ!  Anyone who has read the book will tell you the same thing. We had ladies in our group who have been happily married for over 40 years – and they learned just as much as the rest of us.  Every marriage can use some improvement.  Right?

"Wife School"  a MUST READ book by Julie Gordon on SmellingCoffee.com

In the most non-threatening and actually humorous way, Wife School author, Julie Gordon, speaks through a genie who helps a wife named Jessica learn how to love and respect her husband. In doing so, their falling-apart marriage is restored.  In the midst of the young wife’s learning sessions, non-fiction wives {I’m talking about us} will also be instructed and challenged.  😉  Julie covers every imaginable topic that causes friction between husband and wife… you know… those things that our men do or don’t do that we really want to change… and teaches the things wives can do to bring the desired change and healing to marriage.  {Because, we wives KNOW that no matter what we say or how we manipulate, we can’t force our men to make lasting changes to please us.  But there are some things we CAN do, along with prayer, that will turn their hearts back toward us causing them to want to change. Amen?}

If you are thinking, “Well… what about the husband? He is the one who is at fault in this marriage!  He needs to learn to love me better and meet my needs! Is there a Husband School too?”  I have some happy news for you.  Yes there is… or there will be in the future.  Julie and her husband, David, are working on that right now.  But I promise… if you will practice the truths taught in wife school, you’ll begin to feel like you have a new and improved husband within a matter of weeks. [Unless your husband is truly abusive to you in any way.  If that’s the case, PLEASE seek wise counsel and get yourself to a safe place.]

Each wife around the circle last night reported on a difference in their men as they -the wives- employed the methods in Wife School.  Many of the husbands had no understanding of what was going on, they just knew that their wives were being sweeter to them, and that made them react in sweeter & more thoughtful ways toward their wives.  It’s a cyclical kind of thing – and somebody’s got to start it.  So ladies… Let Wife School begin!  You won’t be sorry!!!  This is one of those books that you will be so glad you read, and one you will want to read over and over again – every year or so.

{And may I suggest that as you read through Wife School, you do the assignments that the wife, Jessica, receives?  I did and kind of took notes in my own notebook as I read and worked through the book, and now I have some precious treasures to keep for years to come.  I’ll not spoil the surprise, but trust me… if you do Jessica’s assignments for yourself, you’ll end up with pages of gold that will make you fall in love with your husband all over again.}

In addition to the book, Julie Gordon has a wonderful site FULL of resources to compliment your reading of Wife School at  JulieNGordon.com . On her site, you can even sign up to participate in a 27 week online “Wife School” where Julie will guide you through the book and give you extra help and encouragement in loving your man.  This new online class will start in June – and it’s totally FREE.  You’ll just need to have your own copy of Wife School.  You can also sign up for her blog posts to be emailed directly to you, so you’ll get consistent encouragement to keep up the principles you learned in Wife School.  And best news yet: She is working on another book, Skinny School… which will use the same fun and funny writing style to teach principles of conquering the beast of overeating.  I can’t wait to read and learn from this book!

So, as if you can’t tell, I’m a HUGE FAN of Wife School and Julie Gordon.  If I had the power to do so, I’d make every wife in the nation read and practice this book.  Marriages all over America would be transformed, then our nation would be transformed, which would hugely transform our world… Yep.  It’s that powerful.

Are you ready for some Wife School?  If so, don’t delay.  Start Wife School today.  {Hey… that rhymed! ;-)}

You can purchase the book here, and the e-book here.  (PS: Julie has no idea I’m writing this post… this isn’t a “sponsored” post.  It’s just a great book and when I find a wonderful thing, I can’t help but to pass it along.)

And a special thanks to my dear friend, Melanie Redd, for connecting me to Julie & Wife School, and to my new friend, Julie Gordon, for listening to the Lord and writing this book.  Much love and appreciation to you both!

Ok wives… let’s let the Lord get to work in us and watch Him transform our marriages for His Glory!


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