Enjoying the Little Things

Sitting on the porch.

The singing birds.

The cool breeze.

A warm cup of coffee.

A cold glass of ice water.

They fully green trees.

The last of the azaleas on the bushes.

The sound of cars passing by.

My little companion, Zoe.

Bible open, and hearing from the Lord.

God’s peace that passes all understanding.

Knowing we are living in the palm of his provision and protection.

These are things I don’t ever want to take for granted.


This past week has presented us with several opportunities to once again decide if we are going to trust God, or (to borrow a phrase from Lisa TerKeurst) to come unglued!

Several large appliances & our main central air conditioner died at the same time, & on Saturday we awoke to find that our son’s truck had been broken into and pretty much gutted. All of the valuable electronic equipment that was in it, some of which he worked and paid for himself and everything that was in it when we bought it, is missing. And they weren’t even neat thieves! They tore up other things unnecessarily – so there was a lot of damage done.

It was a “when it rains it pours” kind of week. But in the midst of the pouring, we have seen God’s gracious reminders that He is active and well aware of every tiny detail.

After the police report was filed, we were sitting together in a small state of shock and disappointment. But then God reminded me of all of the blessings that he had given us even in the midst of that robbery: No one was hurt. It was simply stuff that was taken – not a life. Stuff can and will be replaced. They didn’t come in our house. Our other vehicles weren’t robbed…

And as we began to think of the little things for which we could thank God, peace was restored to our hearts and home.

We often complain about what God allows to touch our lives, but we rarely realize the many events or losses He keeps from touching us on a daily basis or the little things He takes care of for us every hour.

So today, Zoe & I are on the porch with Bible and journal in hand, enjoying the little things. The gifts of God all around us and the peace that comes from God’s Faithful & Fatherly care of His children.

So… Though “when it rains, it pours” might be true, so is this:
“When God reigns, He pours…”

That’s what you & I can enjoy today as we soak in the little things (which are really big things) gifted by God’s grace. 🙂

PS: this morning (Thursday) I picked up my beloved book My Utmost For His Highest and it literally fell open to this devotion! Another sweet “little thing” and reminder of God’s plans for the unpleasantness. 😉



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