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Hi friends~  I want you to meet two very special people.  We had the privilege to fellowship with them last weekend and just fell in love with their hearts, their calling, and their adorable children!  Even though they had a super-busy schedule, they were kind enough to come sit at the table with me for a few minutes to record a Smelling Coffee TV episode.

SmellingCoffee TV.

Missionaries Bud and Kimberly Huffman are helping to shape the future of the nation of Kenya – not by introducing them to a Western culture, but to a Jesus culture right in the midst of where they live.  I love that the whole ministry and mission is based on Isaiah 61:1-3

The first Mattaw Children’s Village is located in a small village just outside of Kitale, Kenya called Taito which means “the first born.” There are currently 1.9 million orphans in the country of Kenya alone and as long as there are children in need of a home, we will continue to rescue and place children in families. The reason we are called a children’s village instead of an orphanage is that when children are rescued and come into the gates of Mattaw, they are orphans no longer but now placed in a family forever where they are loved and every need is provided. It is a beautiful picture in the physical of what Jesus did for us spiritually. We are adopted into the Kingdom of God with a forever family. There is no lack in God’s family.  (From

Isn’t that a wonderful mission?  It’s truly exciting to think of the difference this generation of Mattaw Children will grow up to make in their nation.  To find out more about this ministry, visit their website at and watch their interview below.  (PS: there is a slight sound problem that lasts about a minute or two in the midst of the interview.  Just FYI – It’s not you… it’s us.)

If you can’t see the video below, click here.

If you would like to sponsor a Mattaw child, this is their website about sponsorship.

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Sponsor a Mattaw Child.
(a little about sponsorship)

Currently we restrict the total number of sponsors per child to a maximum of five. At $35 each, that totals $175 potential sponsorship dollars per child. Some people choose to be “double sponsors” of the same child, committing $70 per month, and so the actual number of sponsors per child can vary.

Once a child is fully sponsored, the five main categories used to describe their support are fully operational. Of course, we will not allow any child to go without a specific need and we trust God to provide in creative ways! We strive for excellence without opulence in every area including good nutrition, a quality education, Godly parenting, and the best health care available.

We would like to note that “Higher Education” is a savings fund that will enable Mattaw children to pursue skilled training, undergraduate, and possibly graduate degrees in the near future. As we believe we are raising future leaders we must be positioned to provide the best preparation for each one. This further reflects our long-term commitment to the children beyond traditional orphanage parameters.

The “Administration support” fund currently provides the Children’s Village with the regular services of a Kenyan Social Worker. It also helps to fund the services of a Financial Administrator in the U.S.

Mattaw Sponsorship 

(from their website)

 We have a team of people from our church going to serve these very precious children this summer.  I’m so excited for them to have a part of what God is doing in the lives of the future leaders of Kenya!  Please visit their website and pray about how you can be involved in this ministry.  🙂

PS: You can also keep up with the Huffman family on their blog.  For such a young age, these servants of the Most High are wiser than their years! Click here for a link to “Huffmans in Kenya”:

Huffmans in Kenya


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