Here We Go!


Oh dear friends, my heart is so full! I’ve had so many things I wanted to say before I left, but the preparation lists were longer than the hours that remained. And now we are officially on this God-ordained journey stuffed to the brim in every way.

Full of Gratitude: In fact, I’m truly at a loss to describe it. It’s been obvious from the beginning that God would have to be the One to rise up & meet every need according to His riches and Glory in Christ Jesus. And He has not only done what was expected, but has supplied “The Milk, The Turkey, AND The Flowers!” (Click the link for an encouraging reminder of God supplying ALL of all of our needs in the ways only He can!)

The most beautiful part? He has used so many of YOU to do it!

Because of your unselfishness and generosity, YOU are going with us in every way… and my stuffed suitcase & I are both overflowing with thankfulness to and for you all!

BTW, for those of you who remember my beloved suitcase and traveling partner, “Big Pink,” I wanted to let you know that she is no longer with us. She gently departed this earth after years of faithful service. {insert Dramatic Pause.} She will be greatly missed. On this trip, a grey lightweight hard case, and a black “super light” bag, both borrowed from traveling friends, are the stuffed recipients of your generosity & my hair products. 😉

Full of anticipation & excitement: Now that the planning & preparation & packing is finished, there is space in my brain to look ahead and pre-celebrate the privilege of encouraging some most-often-overlooked sisters… And there’s finally thinking-room to anticipate the far reaching effects of these sisters being strengthened & refreshed in The Lord! Oh how I pray that they will hear, see, feel, taste, and know that they are so very loved by their Daddy & His family across the ocean!

Full of joy: Just about every time I head out to share with and encourage a group of Sisters, whether it is down the street or across the country, after the stress of prep has passed (and even in the midst of said stress) there is a deep Joy of the Lord that floods my soul. I imagine what the ladies will look like, how they will be arranged, and I picture them with Bibles & without, talking, laughing, sharing, crying, and praying as they fall a bit more in love with Jesus than they were when they arrived… As I picture them & pray for them…Oh the JOY! It makes me want to clap my hands & jump up and down in happy surprise just to think of what God has ordained for each life He calls to attend. The joy over this event is the same. In fact, I’m smiling just thinking about it! I can’t wait to serve these ladies at the buffet God has prepared!

Full of peace: From the earliest days of this trip’s conception, The Lord has blanketed everyone involved with His Peace. As I hugged my family one last time, The Lord IS Peace. When the news talks about the dangers of international travel on 9-11, The Lord IS Peace. When I consider the dangers ahead for the ladies who will bravely gather, The Lord IS Peace. Even when the enemy tried to shake our family’s sense of security earlier this week, The Lord IS Peace. Praise His Holy Name! Jehovah Shalom reigns… No matter what!!!!!

We are full and The Lord is propelling us onward. Please continue to pray for us as God covers this trip & all involved. The Lord willing, the far reaching effects of the days ahead will be without measure. His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you dear friends. Thank you for everything you have done, prayed, written, given, crafted, purchased, and shared. The Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you all.

In the beautiful Name of Jesus~


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  1. So excited about all that God has for you and so many ladies that will be encouraged by this trip! May your beautiful feet carry His words to these women and I’m praying that the effects of His words will have a ripple effect on so many! God Bless you! So encouraged by your faithfulness!

  2. It gave me peace just to read this. You will be in my thoughts and prayers in these coming days.