Thank you, dear Veterans and families!!!!

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The older I grow, and the more aware I become, the more grateful I am for our Veterans and their families.  James and I had the privilege of beginning our ministry years in the Kentucky town surrounding Fort Knox. Though we never saw the gold stored there, we experienced an even more valuable treasure – the friendships of the many military families who welcomed us into their lives.

We were coached in the military terms and protocol, and had our very own chart to keep for needed references. I quickly learned my husband’s Social Security number because, though we were non-military, my husband’s SS number became my identification. On Thursdays I got to participate in the on post Bible study at PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) and learned to use AFE (acronyms for everything – haha).

The husbands were strong and brave, but in my estimation, their wives and children had to be, in some ways, even stronger and braver… I watched them hold their heads up high when their husbands and dads left for weeks and months on end, and back then, there was no option of Skype or FaceTime.  I witnessed these women learn to fix their own cars, coach their sons’ basketball teams, put up and take down their Christmas decorations, etc.  On a daily basis, these wives basically walked the fine line of living as both a single mom/lady and a submissive wife – a very difficult balance that takes humility, wisdom, and finesse.  And they did it so well!

In fact, when we moved to Nashville and James began to travel in his work, I thought so much about these military families and tried to emulate their strength and bravery and navigation skills with my own needy children and absent husband.  To my military friends from Fort Knox, {and to the few we know from Nashville} you’ll never know how much your lives impacted mine!

All of that to say, thank you!  Thank you to all of our nation’s veterans ! Thank you to every one of our military families!  I admit that we in the civilian world really don’t understand all that goes into the making of our military and the brave sacrifices made by you men and women, your spouses, parents, children, and friends.  It’s a good thing that we don’t have to understand in order to offer thanks.

So, it is with deep appreciation for all of you, dear Veterans, that I offer my gratitude!  Thank you for loving country more than self, and for answering the difficult calling God has placed on your lives.  We love you and thank God for you as we pray for you and your loved ones.

Happy Veterans Day!


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