Abiding in Advent

This devotion is from today’s Keeping Christ AS Christmas “Adult & Teen Advent” (Day 23) – which can be found and followed on the Keeping Christ AS Christmas FaceBook page. Even though my own fingers typed these words as God gave them to me last year, they seem to be falling afresh on my eyes and heart during this season of looking for and waiting with expectation for the revealing of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.   It’s SO easy to get caught up in our version of our own Christmas plans, but this morning the Lord reminded me of how to sort through it all by asking Him one simple question:  What does it really matter?

May the Lord bless and refresh you through these words as you press on in Abiding in Advent.



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The Advent List – What does it really matter?

As earthly humans seeking an eternal perspective on this life, the lines between these two thought processes are often blurred. Yes, there are earthly things and situations that we need, want, and that can certainly be used by God Almighty in His Kingdom Purposes. But there are other things and situations that, if we aren’t careful, will steal our energy, our money, and our time.There is one question to ask when we must decipher a blurred line between the earthly and eternal in this daily life: What does it really matter?

Does it really matter that I have a brushed gold necklace to match my earrings? Does it really matter that the pictures hanging on my wall are a bit outdated? Does it really matter that I don’t have the latest and greatest phone or tech gadget? Does it really matter that my clothes aren’t name-brand? Does it really matter that we don’t have a vacation/hobby home? Does it really matter that our vehicles are almost as old as our children? Does any of this really matter in the scope of eternity?

With full assurance that God CAN and DOES use necklaces, decorations, gadgets, shoes, and vacation homes for His glory, I offer and idea in maintaining the balance between living in this present world of excess and keeping an Advent-focused life: “The Advent List.”

In a private place known only to you and the Lord, write these desires and/or situations down on a list. If they are occupying your mind or if you are spending valuable time, energy, or money seeking any of these earthly things, write them down on The Advent List.

THEN… Give The Advent List to the Lord. With a Jeremiah 33:3 mindset (“Ask me, and I will tell you things that you don’t know and can’t find out.”), go through each item and ask God “What does this really matter to You?” Be willing to wait for His honest answer and you will discover that some of what you have written down really will matter, and some of it just doesn’t.

As people preparing for God’s return, let’s seek the Lord’s help for an eternal perspective on earthly things and situations. If Jesus comes back next month, what will the items/situations on “The Advent List” really matter?

Keep using this list throughout the year. Keep asking God the question: “What does it really matter?” He will guide and provide what you need to live abundantly here while your heart remains focused on His return. Remember – this lifetime on this planet is so short compared to eternity! More than we can imagine awaits us when you and I take our last earthly breath. Only then does real living begin, and until then, we are abiding in Advent.

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” (MSG)

by Jennifer Crawford Walker © 2013  ChristASChristmas.com

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