How to Keep Christ AS Christmas instead of merely “in” Christmas



Hi friends ~ It’s that time of year when our thoughts and lists and plans turn toward Christmas.  Yay!!! I LOVE this time of year and all that goes along with it.  But if we aren’t careful, we can let the activities of the holidays override the purpose of Who, what and why we celebrate.  Then when December 26 rolls around, we’ll find ourselves wondering what all of the fuss actually accomplished.  Let’s not be that way this year!

As most of you know, several years ago the Lord helped me write the book, Keeping Christ AS Christmas, a book He birthed in my heart and home many years ago.  Presently it is in e-book form only, but I am praying that one of these days it will be published in paper form, including a workbook and 4-week Bible study & video to go along with it.  Until then, adding new info to the blog and Keeping Christ AS Christmas Facebook page will do just fine. 😉

Here’s why this is so important to me: Keeping Christ “in” Christmas is good… but keeping Him AS Christmas is even better.  Christ AS Christmas is not merely fitting Jesus into our busy Christmas prep, but it is determining to make all of our Christmas preparations about Him and with Him.  In inviting Jesus to lead every single thing we do for, during, or because of Christmas, we can keep Him as the focus of His rightful placeAS Christmas.

Keeping Christ AS Christmas offers practical wisdom and simple strategies that will prepare our hearts, households, and homes for CHRIST this Christmas.  The book is $4.99 and can be purchased in Kindle, Nook, e-book, or PDF form.  Links are on


What Others are Saying About the Book

Keeping Christ AS Christmas will be one book I will read and reread every Christmas season. It is jam packed with practical advice, ideas, worksheets, and helpful resources. Jennifer writes in a beautiful conversational style. Everything focuses on the gift of Jesus, including the motivation behind gift giving. Jennifer includes the history behind many Christmas traditions. I loved the questions asked at the end of each chapter to help make it personal for each family. And, I loved how Jennifer outlined how to spend 10 minutes with Jesus in the morning. She writes, ‘10 minutes with Jesus will make a world of difference in the next 23:50 hours of your day.’”

“I would highly recommend Keeping Christ AS Christmas as the perfect gift to give to yourself, your friends, and your family. I know this Christmas will be different for my family after reading this book.”

– Debbie Petras,


Keeping Christ AS Christmas is a book that will literally change the heart-attitude toward Christmas of every person who reads it. If you know Jennifer Walker then you know that she has a true, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ which guides her in everything she does. What I love about this book is that Jennifer gives practical, tangible, and realistic ways to develop our own relationships with the Lord day by day. She then shares how to keep our hearts focused on Jesus in the midst of the worldly distractions during the holiday season.

Keeping Christ AS Christmas will bring us back to the true spirit of this precious season and make a lasting impact on our hearts that will last the whole year through.

– Kim Kopp,  Just For Clicks Blog


“Jennifer’s e-book Keeping Christ AS Christmas is filled with ways to live the holidays honoring the real reason for the season – Jesus. The book is informative, inspirational, and entertaining. It has been a privilege to read the book and plan with renewed conviction to have the most ‘Christ AS Christmas’ holiday season my family has ever had.”

– Janie Arnold Allen Bradley, Ph.D.


“If you can buy only one book this year it should be Keeping Christ AS Christmas. This thoughtfully written book provides both encouragement and inspiration for celebrating this very special season. Using some simple strategies, Jennifer Crawford Walker details how she began to prepare her heart to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. As she shares in her book, that sweet fellowship with Jesus produces a heart and a home filled with CHRISTmas every single day of the year!  If you are searching for the path to that PEACE, you can find it here.”

– Janice Dulany (who is now keeping Christ AS everything… as she is enjoying His presence in Heaven)



These responses are so precious to me.  But as far as e-books go, Keeping Christ AS Christmas doesn’t have many reviews out there, and because of that, when you search even for the specific words “Keeping Christ AS Christmas” the book shows up low on the list.  From what I understand, it is the reviews that will allow the book to float higher in Amazon’s search engine, thus getting the message to more people who are searching for a way in making Christmas about Jesus.

I’m not doing this for self-promotion (I loathe self-promoting), but because of Christ-promoting, I have a favor to ask of you: IF you have read some or all of Keeping Christ AS Christmas, would you PLEASE go to Amazon and leave a short review?  Did God use it in any way to help you during the past Christmas seasons?


If so, would you go to this link Keeping Christ AS Christmas book review and leave your feedback, positive or negative?


HOW TO LEAVE A REVIEW:  In order for me to know the winner of the gift card, please don’t leave your comments anonymous.  All you’ll need to do is to go to the “Keeping Christ AS Christmas” book review link above, sign in to your amazon account (or create one if you don’t have one – it is free and safe), then scroll down the page.  Where it says “Customer Reviews” it will give you an option of clicking 1-5 stars, according to how you feel about the book.  After you choose a star, then the words, “Leave a Review” will pop up.  Click “Leave a Review” and it will open up a window for you to write in.  Then post it.  That’s all.  Honestly, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. 🙂




Thank you in advance, dear friends.  I KNOW how valuable time is, and how often I miss doing good things for others because I say I’ll do it later… and never get around to doing it.  If you do spend the time to review, or even just to give the book however many “stars” you feel it deserves, I will be eternally grateful.  Not for me, but for whatever impact the Lord plans to make through the use of this book.

PS: Don’t forget that daily devotionals to prepare our own hearts for Advent are published each morning on Keeping Christ AS Christmas Facebook page.  Click here to like and join in.

Thank you, much love, and many blessings~




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