Throwback Thursday – the year God Brought Snow to the Mississippi Delta

Do you know about that app called Timehop? You give it permission to scroll through your social media and it will find what you were doing on this exact day in the years past.

Four years ago this past Tuesday I put this picture on Facebook:

Memphis Fans in the Delta Snow.

Which made me think of this post, and of how very specific God is about showing his love and concern to all of his children – especially in the times that they need it most. Four years ago my children needed snow. I’m sure we weren’t the only reasons that God brought snow to the Mississippi Delta, but without a doubt I know we were on His mind when He did.

Here is that story.


“We were SNOW Excited!” from Feb 2011.

The Lord brought the most beautiful gift to us on Sunday… something we actually never thought we would see again…
(Well… that’s dramatic-much, but you get my meaning, right?)

It was a gorgeous, full snowfall.  The kind that covers the ground AND the streets.  Our Nashville friends have been posting all kinds of pictures from their snow days.  And although we were happy for them, deep down inside, we were a little sad for us – we just didn’t think this area would get the kind of full coverage, snow-ball-throwing, snow-man-making, feet-sinking-down-into snow.  But we did!  It was SO pretty!

And on top of that, we had a Snow Day from school on Monday – something we thought we’d given up when moving to the deep South!  We did the usual snow-day routine –  spent the morning in our PJs, drank hot chocolate, read books, watched tv… then we dressed and walked to the coffee shop where the whole fam spent a good part of the afternoon.  Thanks to ipod touches and the shop’s wi-fi, our children were content to let us visit and enjoy several cups of coffee. 🙂

We took all kinds of pictures, but here is a favorite taken Sunday night.  The flakes were so big – it was like looking outside through a snow globe.

 So so so thankful that God brought snow to the Mississippi Delta at just the right time…when this family was desperate to be reminded that God knew just what we “needed.”  🙂

2015 Present Day here:

I do realize that you dear ones up North who are under impossible MOUNDS of snow aren’t too excited about another “snow day” – but down here, those days are few and far between!  In fact, when it snowed in 2011, that was the first time in 15 YEARS that the area had enough snowfall (at one time) to build a snowman.  Actually, we didn’t get that many snow days in Nashville either, but we could count on at least one or two a year.

In looking back at some pictures from snowfalls of years earlier, I’ve come to the conclusion that our family has a propensity toward the tacky and pitiful snow-people.  I guess that when you only get to build one or two good ones a year, you don’t get much practice.  Bless us.  😉  These are some of our best/worst:

Learning to build a Snowman.
I have nothing to say about the above except “bless his heart!”

Snowman made from sheets of snow.


Now this one (above) was a “creative” sort… made out of 2 inch thick sheets of snow stacked on top of each other.  PS: we never had the “right” stuff to put on our snow people’s faces… so we just rocked what we’ve got!

Mardi Gras Snowman.  SmellingCoffee.comThis snow-woman resembles more of a snow-penguin. haha. But the one below is the Pièce de résistance.  It was our shameless plea to promote the sale of our Nashville home.  It didn’t sell our house, but it did get some media traction and lots of laughs.

Snowman Realtor.
God is so good! Life doesn’t always go as we plan… most often, things don’t unfold the way we imagine… but God can be trusted to work everything out for our good and His glory, in His timing, and in His best ways. (Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 55:8-9)

On this Throwback Thursday, I’m extra thankful that the Lord saw two teens and their parents trying to joyfully adjust to a new life, and chose to gift us with a Delta snow!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


“My thoughts are not your thoughts,
and my ways are not your ways,” declares the Lord.
“Just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so my ways are higher than your ways,
and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:8-9 (AMP)

Jennifer Crawford Walker.

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