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While scrolling through Twitter yesterday two separate posts grabbed my attention and drew me in… and I’m so grateful! Both were quotes from blog articles written by women I deeply respect, and both tended to say the same thing.  When that happens, I tend to take note.  The words rang so beautifully true that I copied and posted them in my daily notebook, and I also wanted to share them with you.   The full blog posts from which these words came are noted and linked below.

Beautiful reminders of beautiful Truth for God’s beautiful servants. 🙂  May we all soak this in, act upon it, and be blessed!


This world won’t be changed by fame-lusters like it will be by faith-livers.


This world won’t be changed by the flashy like it will be by the lowly.


This world won’t be changed by more selfies like it will be by more self-sacrificing.


This busted-up, warring world will taste resurrection, not because of people stepping up in front of news cameras or spotlights or spout their soundbites — but because of people who step down into the shadows to be the light of Christ.


This bleeding, broken planet will taste healing not because more of us tried to climb ladders to be seen — but more of us went lower and saw the face of Christ in those who are too often unseen.


This spinning, scarred chunk of sod in the corner of the universe will taste shalom not because more people wanted to be crowned important — but because more of us have knelt at the feet of the One who is Important and we’ve got the dirt of His kingdom under our fingernails.


Hope rises up when there are people who are willing to descend and serve because God descended and gave.


Hope rises up wherever people beat their power into plowshares, their microphones into mops, their ladders

into for the languishing and lost and hardly living.


Hope rises only when there are the courageous who are willing to go lower and incarnate Christ.

Ann Voskamp, www.AHolyExperience.com 3.18.2015

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“If you live in Small Town America, remember you are ministering in the same way as Jesus did. The largest part of His ministry did not take place among the blue-bloods in Jerusalem, but among ordinary, hard-working people in small communities – where everyone knew Him and His family… Wherever you live, it’s God’s calling that took you there, keeps you there, and will bless you there.”

Suzie Hawkins (article on Flourish.me  3.20.2015)



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