Monday’s Makes Me Smile – That Crazy Dress Edition

I’m so late in posting today because I can’t decide what color it is! (Grin) That crazy dress that has taken social media by storm since last Thursday… Unless you’ve been on a media fast this weekend, you’ve GOT to know what I’m talking about! But then  just as quickly as its rise to fame, by today it has become old news.   

There were some funny posts going around about it, though, so I thought I’d jump on the white & gold bandwagon and play along. 

First of all, really… What colors do you see in this dress? Is it white & gold? Or do you see it as black & blue? That’s the big question that blew up social media last week. 

Apparently people are seeing it differently. If you’d like a scientific explanation for this strange phenomenon, read this article:    

If you just want to enjoy the last of this crazy craze, laugh with me at the pictures below. 🙂



Dress or no dress… As hard as it might be for us to figure it all out… It’s good to remember that God KNOWS & SEES both the true colors of the dress… And everything else that might leave us puzzled. NOTHING is too difficult for Him!!!

Happy new week, my friends! 🙂


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