Monday’s Makes Me Smile – the Smiles for the Soul Edition

  Hi there. I’m writing this post around midnight Sunday night as I’m “riding shotgun” in our church bus on our way home from Winter Jam 2015 in Memphis.  My eye lids are oh so heavy, but my husband is driving so I’m trying to stay awake to help keep him awake . {I don’t know why I told you that… Except did I mention that it’s midnight & I’m really sleepy???} 😉

Tonight, in the midst of the wonderful loud, rocking, floor-shaking drumbeats and singers’ crazy jumping around on the smokey stage, Jesus and I enjoyed some truly worshippful moments. I love that worship doesn’t have to look or sound any specific way to be “worship.” Know what I mean?  I left the concert tonight with my soul smiling over the beautiful goodness of our Father God… Who loves us & delights in being and doing ALL we need!  He IS God… And He IS Good!

So instead of posting silly pictures to make us Smile on this Monday, I thought I’d share a few pictures (gleaned from Pinterest) that bring a more lasting grin to both face and  soul. 














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  A men!!!

(PS: if there are any mistakes in this post… Please overlook them… You know… The writing past midnight riding shotgun on the church bus with my eyes so heavy my eyeballs are crossing kind of invites those pesky careless errors… 😉

A Blessed Happy Monday to you all~


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