Want to get to better know Jesus during this Lenten season?

If so, this might just be the resource for you!  First of all, it’s FREE {we heart free, don’t we?}.  Secondly, it is offered by one of my favorite Bible teachers, Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  And finally, because God has already used the material in this series to draw many hearts toward Jesus.  Interested?

Then check out the current series on ReviveOurHearts.com called The Incomparable Christ, based on the book, The Incomparable Christ by J. Oswald Sanders.

In February, Nancy began this series and it will continue daily through the week after Easter.  I just started it this week, and the best thing is that I’m really not behind.  Neither are you.  This is how it works:

Author and speaker, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, has a daily M-F radio show. She hosts guest interviews or teaches various Biblical/Topical series. (You can check out past series at this link… it’s a wealth of encouragement and help!) I never seem to catch her on the radio, so while I’m getting ready in the mornings I go to ReviveOurHearts.com and click on the Radio link. Or, I listen to her Revive Our Hearts podcasts on my Podcast App on my phone.  Each program is about 25 minutes long and is a great way to continue fellowshipping with the Lord during your busy day.  (As an extra bonus, if you don’t have the opportunity to listen to the programs, you can read them – because the transcripts of each radio show are on the same webpage as each day’s program.)

The Incomparable Christ Series is going on now, and you can either jump right in the middle of the series, or start at the beginning.  I wanted to share what Nancy has to say about this series and why she is leading us through it:


Unfortunately, some of these special days in the Christian calendar that were once observed as holy days have now become holidays. As a result, we strip them of their meaning and their power and what they could mean in our lives.

So I think it helps us to be intentional about turning our thoughts and tuning our hearts to the reality and the meaning of these special days in the Christian calendar, and certainly there is none more special than that period of time that we celebrate as the Passion of Christ: Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

In my devotional time during the Lenten season, I read a classic book by J. Oswald Sanders called The Incomparable Christ. It has 36 short chapters, and I read those throughout this period. Each one of those chapters is on a different aspect of the person and the work of Christ.

This book really ministered to me. It was such a blessing. So I decided that this year I would encourage our listeners to read that book with me, to join me during the Lenten period, during these forty days leading up to Easter in a more concentrated way to focus on Christ.

So during this season we’re going to use Sanders’ book, The Incomparable Christ, as a track. I’m not going to actually read the book to you—you can do that for yourself—but I’m going to use the outline he uses about these different aspects of the life of Christ and follow them throughout these weeks leading up to Easter…


To listen to these programs, you’ll find the links below.

The Incomparable Christ Programs in February
The Incomparable Christ Programs in March (so far)

Also, for a PDF of the teaching schedule, click here.

You can download the book here:  The Incomparable Christ, by J. Oswald Sanders  (The e-version is less than $5.)

Nancy writes:

…In order to get the most out of this series, let me recommend a few things for you: First of all, if you don’t have one already, get a copy of Sanders’ book The Incomparable Christ and follow along with us. …

Then if you go to ReviveOurHearts.com, you can see there a schedule of the chapters and the themes that we’ll be covering each day, along with some selected Scriptures on the daily transcript that you can meditate on each day. Even if you’re not reading the book with us, you can follow along with the series.

I just want to encourage you to focus on Christ, to set your attention, your affection on Him. We should be doing that every day of the year, but a special way during this Lenten season to focus on Christ.

How are you focusing on Christ during this Lenten season?  To be totally honest with you – it’s been such a crazy few weeks that I don’t feel like I’ve given Jesus my all.  I’m really looking forward to focusing on Him and hearing what He has to teach me about Himself as I delve into The Incomparable Christ and these radio broadcasts.

Just wondering if anyone else needs a little more Jesus in their lives… If so, maybe The Incomparable Christ is just the Thing.

Much love~

Jennifer Crawford Walker. SmellingCoffee.com



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