Spring & Summer Fashion for 2015

Spring and Summer Fashion 2015.  SmellingCoffee.com

In February I was getting my hair “done” -as we say in the South- and began my semi annual perusual of the Spring fashion magazines gracing the tables. Though we were having a rare “cold spell” here in the Delta, and the kids were out of school for a snow (ice) day, Spring really was just around the corner and on my mind.  I wrote this post with great anticipation for Spring, then got busy – and now almost two months later its finally seeing the light of day.

By now, you may have already done this, or are getting close to it – but if you live in “seasonal weather” it’s time to begin transitioning wardrobes from Winter’s dark heaviness to the light & bright of Spring/Summer. While my roots were darkening, I snapped a few pictures from the fashion magazines of Spring 2015’s what’s “hot & not.”

If you haven’t before read how The Lord & I do this together, I encourage you to check out this post.  If you are already familiar with our routine, then let’s jump right in to what was offered on the Spring 2015 runways.


One thing is for sure… It will be a whole lot harder to maintain a God-honoring bit of modesty while sporting some of the up and coming styles. This year’s hot looks boast a lot of sheer & a lot of skin. {However, just because something is “in style” doesn’t mean that we should wear it! Right, Ladies?}  Whatever it is that we wear this season… we can be modest and stylish – “Hip and Holy”  Right?

When thinking about fashion and modesty, consider this:

Is it modest? A question to ask and answer. SmellingCoffee.com
These pictures below are from several different magazines – but if you haven’t had time to peruse the magazines for yourself, maybe these will inspire you.  The cool thing is that it seems that almost everything goes… and if you have kept your clothes from a decade or more ago (and can still fit in them) you already have something “new.”    If not… Goodwill will probably have some of these “old is new” styles from someone else’s closet clean out.  😉


Prints and 80’s- very in!

Remember wearing these belts?

Denim everything!  I remember this well, and still have a denim trench coat from the late 80’s – early 90’s!  (Being a semi-hoarder does have it’s uses. – hahaha)

70’s inspiration:

The 60’s:

Not sure what decade for these – they have already come and gone three times in my lifetime – haha:


But Black is still the new Black no matter the decade. 😉


Alright… I just had to add this!  Seriously???  People are actually PAYING a manicurist to do this to their nails… so the good news for the regulars of us is that we can now go around with our nail polish half on and half off… and be perfectly fashion forward!  “Worn away by the ocean?”…  or as in my life, “Worn away by the dishes.” haha – NOT!


The return of the 90’s? 80’s? 70’s? 60’s?  There’s a little bit of all of it in these next few styles:


Check out these shoes – the Flatforms.

And don’t think I’m crazy, but I absolutely LOVE these warrior sandals!  I’m praying for some tan/flesh-toned ones that reach the knee.  Like summer boots! 🙂


Yep… Much of what’s old is new again… and again… and again.  🙂

But one thing will NEVER go out of style ~ The beauty and loveliness of the Lord Jesus Christ upon us.  He will establish the work of our hands for His glory if we’ll just ask Him and let Him.

Psalm 90:17  How to be beautiful.  SmellingCoffee.com

 Jennifer Crawford Walker. SmellingCoffee.com

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  1. GOOD Article! Interesting fashions through the last several decades! I’m in my 60’s and back in the “olden days” when I went to High school, (graduated in 1969) girls weren’t allowed to wear pants, and my cousin (same grade) was sent home from school for not wearing a belt!