A Sister/friend of ours needs our help. :-)

Hi everyone~  Remember my friend, Arabah Joy, who is serving the Lord overseas (the one I went to serve last year?) She has written and self-published a wonderful book, Trust Without Borders (I’ve shared about it before) – and now she is in the top ten… TOP TEN in a Bethany House publishing contest to win a face to face meeting to pitch her book to them for possible publication.  this is BIG!  Especially when you are living across the ocean on the other side of the world, far far away from the center of the Christian publishing industry!

So I received this email from her the other day:

I’m emailing because I need your help. 

This week I entered a writing contest at myfaithradio.com and the prize is a one on one meeting with an acquisition editor from Bethany House. I would love to pitch my book, Trust Without Borders to them!

Thing is, to even be in the running, I first need enough votes on my piece to get me in the top 10. My blog readers have voted for my piece and I’m in the top 10! I’ve very humbled and grateful for their love and support… But I’m in only by the skin of my teeth. I need each and every vote I can get since voting runs through the end of May. 
Will you please take a minute or two to click the link below, read my piece, and vote on it? It would mean more than you know to know you guys support me in this. You will have to register in order to vote so it isn’t *quite* as simple as a click, but still can be done in a minute or two max.

Also, I know you have ladies in your small group/church that know me or would be willing to support a sister. If you saw fit to share with these wonderful ladies, I would be so humbled and blessed!

Living overseas can be very lonely. It is easy to feel forgotten. Most people have extended family, churches, community groups, friends, and the like nearby to support them when some *big* opportunity like this enters their lives. I have none of those things at hand and sometimes feel like a David. The underdog. Your support truly means a lot! Thank you so very much. I love you guys!

So, my friends… what to help a girl out? Here’s what you’ll need to do.

1. FIRST OF ALL: Read all 5 directions. 😉
2. Click on the link below.
3. Read the awesome article Arabah wrote.
4. Click the middle square which says “Log in to vote” – and log in (it’s easiest to choose the Facebook option).
5. Then click the heart to vote. That’s it.


Aaaaaaaannnnnddddddd…….. If you want to pass it along and get others to vote for our sister, that would be super. I promise you… it took me all of three minutes from start to finish, and two and a half of those minutes were invested in reading and absorbing Arabah’s writing. It was good. Really good.

Thanks, my friends!  I knew she could count on us coffee and/or Jesus loving’ people!


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  1. Wow! Thanks SO much for your support and the love you’ve shown me by sharing this! And thank you to each of your readers who take the time to vote for my piece. You are a blessing, sisters!! Love in Christ, AJ