Oops, I did it again!

And let’s just never mind that it’s still National Day of Prayer and I had this really awesome post {if I do say so myself} written {in my mind} with links to free prayer resources (see here for said links – look toward the bottom of that page) and this FREE e-book on prayer [Praying for Your Elephant: Boldly Approaching Jesus with Radical and Audacious Prayer – Kindle Edition – by Adam Stadtmiller] that will only be free until midnight tonight (Thursday) so I better get on with it! 😉

What’s put a bee in my bonnet tonight is this: Do any of you remember my Christmas Card debacle of 2014 in which the cards actually became New Years Cards of 2015 in which the company mailed them to us in a flimsy paper envelope and they were rain soaked by the time we got home to retrieve them from the front porch?  And how only about 30 cards made the cut to be sent?

Well… It’s graduation time, and I was determined to have a MUCH more proactive and ahead of schedule experience this time! I was on target, too!  We ordered these precious appropriate photo announcement cards from the same Christmas Card company we used – because we had a large refund awaiting us there.  The first batch came and all was well.  We began addressing and addressing… and changing the list…and adding and subtracting… and before we knew it, we ran out of cards.  We had a really hard time trying to decide who and who not to include – where the line was drawn between a genuine announcement of graduation and what might be perceived as merely a general request for a gift – haha.  But anyway…we had time… so we ordered more announcements.  And because we had time, I didn’t pay the extra for the quick shipping.  When they arrived, time was a bit crunched, but we were still ok.  U.N.T.I.L… {insert that musical sound that goes like this “DUHH DUHH DUHHMMMM”}

The printers failed to print the back of those precious appropriate cards.

So we scrambled to print and copy and cut and glue an attachment on the back of the new cards.  And with a sigh of relief and joy, they were dropped off at the post office today.

Then as I was proudly showing a friend the announcement tonight, he laughed and said something like “Is this question mark in the place of the time a joke?”

I thought he was kidding.  He wasn’t.  Not only did the the printers not print the back, they printed a card from my saved drafts when I didn’t know the graduation time instead of more of my previous order. Other things were changed in the final draft that didn’t show up in these cards too… But I was in such a hurry to get them out that I didn’t pay attention. But I KNOW I double and triple checked that order before placing it… so I’ll be talking to the company promptly.


Soooooo…. I said all of that to say this: IF you get one of those announcements with the glued on backs and the question marked time… the event starts at 6.  And… if you didn’t get one at all, it’s not because we don’t love you… we just didn’t want to presume upon you, or make you think we expect a gift. ha.

~ ~

The following was Added at 3 am Friday after waking up feeling foolish but still a tiny bit justified for going off like I did. 😉 

Sorry to have ranted. It’s not my usual “thang”  here on the blog… Guess it’s more of that “Senior-mom-stuff” that we all go through at some point. In the long run its really NO BIG THING!!!  I’m done now. Thanks for listening & for indulging me at this time. ❤️



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