Making Much of Jesus – A Wonderful Holiday Series you won’t want to miss!

Happy Monday, my friends!  And hello to my new (and seasoned) friends from Nashville… it was a balm to my soul to be back in our former FBC Donelson church {where my heart was overflowing with sweet memories of early motherhood} and to serve the Lord and those He brought to Saturday’s event!  What a blessing and a privilege!!!  You remain in my heart and prayers.

Speaking of friends, I wanted to share a wonderful series that my dear friend, Melanie Redd has going on her blog,  It’s called “Making Much of Jesus During the Holiday Season.”

Many of you have seen Melanie on before.  Her blog is full of hope, encouragement, wit, and wisdom.  I encourage you to go to and sign up [on her right side bar] to get her blog articles emailed straight to your inbox. Then you’ll get this series, and a dose of encouragement (like Vitamin C for the soul) emailed to you whenever she posts.

Now, about this series:

Melanie describes her series:

As we stand of the top of this “Holiday Mountain,” and prepare for the yearly avalanche that is coming, what if we changed our focus this year?

What might happen if we took a fresh approach to the holiday season?

How might our holidays be sweeter if we answered only one MAIN QUESTION this year?

How Can I Make More of JESUS This Year?

To help you to answer that question, I’ve called on the services, wit, wisdom, and help of over 20 of my favorite inspirational blogging friends.

Over the course of the next 9 weeks, they will share their hearts and their stories — all in an effort to answer this question:

How can we Make MUCH of Jesus this year during the holiday season??

Each week, I’ll post their articles on topics like these:

  • Making Much of Jesus with preschoolers
  • Making Much of Jesus with teens
  • Making Much of Jesus with homeschoolers
  • Making Much of Jesus in your home
  • Making Much of Jesus in your heart
  • Making Much of Jesus as you decorate
  • Making Much of Jesus at your table
  • Making Much of Jesus as you shop 
  • Making Much of Jesus as you serve
  • Many more…

All of their posts are practical, helpful, thought-provoking, and written to assist you during this holiday season.

We will begin on November 9 and run through December 30.

This is an invitation for YOU to join us!

And I hope you will. (Because, today’s article was written by me. hehe.)  Below is a bit, and you can finish it on her site, if you’re so inclined.  I sure do love and appreciate you~ 🙂


Prepare your Heart for CHRISTmas.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but are you aware that Christmas is in just ­­40 days?

Though Thanksgiving hasn’t yet arrived, fall decor is on discount, and the store shelves are now full of red and green, toys, and advertisements for lay-away plans.

Where, oh where has the time this year gone???

Personally, I view the celebrations of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Epiphany, and the New Year as one long and wonderful holiday season full of gratitude, love, and giving. So… let’s talk about Christmas!

Focusing on the celebration of Jesus’ birth shouldn’t detract us from exhibiting a spirit of “thanksgiving.” In fact, in my way of looking at things, early Christmas decor should enhance our attitude of gratitude… especially as we acknowledge all that we are and have in Jesus Christ.

However, as we all well know, within a mere week or two, schedules will become filled and pressure will be felt… which means that NOW is the best time to do some pre-season preparation. {And I’m not talking about gift-purchasing, though that is a great idea, as well.}

What I’m talking about is the preparing of the heart…

To continue, click here: Prepare Your Heart for CHRISTmas –



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