Cleveland, MS Ladies – Join us as we study “The Armor of God” (by Priscilla Shirer)

“There is an enemy.  He is real.  And he is intent and active, working against you day by day, moment by moment.  His goal? To keep you from experiencing the results of the victory that is already yours in Christ.

He knows that you, as a daughter of God, cannot be destroyed.  But he has other goals in the meantime: to distract you, discourage you, divide you from others, and disable you from experiencing everything that is rightfully yours as an adopted member of God’s family.  He wants to terrorize you until you’re rendered incapacitated, miserable, and incapable of living in the benefits of a victory that has already been won.

I’m not making this up.  Nor am I trying to scare you.  In fact, you should’t be afraid, despite the target drawn in bright red colors on your back.  But you’d better be alert and on your guard.”

Priscilla Shirer, The Armor of God Bible Study, Week 1, Day 3

I started this study a few days ago and it has already been such a blessing!! We have a class beginning WEDNESDAY night at 5:45 in Room 306.  The material is awesome, the fellowship is sweet, and the lessons learned are life-long!

Armor of God Class FBC Cleveland,MS


We also have a Sunday night class that meets at 4:45 in Room 306.  We have had our intro meeting already, but it’s not too late to catch up.  You could even come Wednesday night and watch the video, get your book, then start meeting with us on Sundays.

Charlotte Dye is our facilitator-teacher, and is an excellent mentor!  The cost for the class (including book) is $15. Plus, there is something fabulous during both times for your children to do while you are in Bible study.  🙂

Hope you’ll join us!  You are certainly invited!!!


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