Using Valentine’s Weekend as a Ministry… Turning the focus from “Who loves me?” to “Who needs my love?”

Valentine’s Day (and this year, we get a whole weekend of it)… Depending on what is currently going on in one’s life at the time, it’s either one of those wonderfully anticipated holidays or a dreaded one.

By the way, this little note card is for YOU:

You are Loved.

Truth be told: When we make Valentine’s Day all about us, or how loved or unloved we are, how appreciated or unappreciated we are, and how valued or under-valued we are… OR… if others aren’t stepping up to our expectations during this holiday of love… we will set the stage for a miserable, self-absorbed next few days.

We don’t want that kind of Valentine’s Day, do we???

So this weekend, let’s turn our Valentine’s Day focus from ourselves and set it on others.  Let’s move from wondering, “What are others going to do to show me how much I am loved?” to “What can I do to show God’s love to others?”

Plus, if you’re a “punny-geek” like me, it’s the perfect time of year to be as “cheesy” as you want, since Valentine’s Day is full of silly puns and plays on words.  😉

Who is coming to your mind that could use some encouragement during this season of love? Don’t ignore or push their names aside.  Write them down, and begin to pray for these people.  Then ask the Lord what you can do to let these individuals know that they are appreciated, special, valued, and/or loved by you and God?

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to do this.

In fact, you don’t have to spend a penny – just write or print some note cards with words of love or encouragement on them, then give these cards to whomever God leads you.  Simply doing this will spread God’s love and brighten many lives – yours included!

This is a great collection of cards already made and ready to print!  How hard is that?  Thanks to 🙂

And look at these beautiful notes – this link includes 30 printable notes you can customize yourself. Thank you,

More cute printable notes thanks to Mercy Ink Blog – Print these from  


You are welcome to copy and print the “You are Loved” card I created above, or the Scripture picture below.  No matter what we choose to do, it’s always fun to show love and appreciation to others, but its an especially sweet treat on Valentine’s Day.

Though not everyone has a “Valentine” who will gift them with chocolate and roses {or “bless” them with those Big Hunk-0-Love teddy bears and Hoodie Footie Pjs – btw, I repeat and plea, PLEASE DON’T, James – I’m really ok without those! ;-)} all of us can pass along God’s love on this “day of love” in tangible ways.  He certainly passed on His love to us!!!

For some cute candy/scripture gift ideas and links, check out this post from a few years ago.


On this Valentines Day weekend, and on every other day of the year, the Lord wants YOU to know that YOU are loved!  Think of how much every time you look up in the sky:

How much God loves us. Psalm 103:11

PS: I love you, too. 🙂

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