Today is a day for Bravery – It’s “March Forth”!

It’s one of my favorite “punny” days of the year – March 4th… March Forth.  Get it? 😉  I love this “March Forth” day so much because, as you’ll see below, God used it in the most mighty of ways during a time in my life when my strength was small.

But even today, 2016, as I look around at life and what God has placed in front of me… and my family… and the day-to-day-life steps He is asking us to take by faith and trust in Him… God strengthens and encourages me to “Rise up, O (wo)man of God… Arise and walk… March forth in what I’ve set before you to do/be/accomplish through ME!”  

And I am encouraged today.  I’m ready to put on my Warrior-Daughter-of-The-King-Armor and March Forth into whatever it is that God has set before me, knowing that He is with me, strengthening me, leading me, loving me, and never leaving me nor forsaking me at any point in the journey!  A men! (And as the army guys say it, Hooah!)

Do you or someone you love need to be encouraged to keep pressing on and not give up?  May God use this writing to help you March Forth on March Fourth – Today is the day, my friends!

 Arise and March Forth.

Originally written in 2010.


This time last year, our family plus four other families took an unpopular stand in our community.  It was on the heels of another very hard stand we had to take against the ACLU. (You can read about that ACLU battle here. – So many of you prayed for us through these battles – and we’re still so grateful!).  For the ACLU battle we had more more community support.  Though at the time, we thought that stand was hard, it wasn’t until we took the “totally unpopular stand” that we realized what “hard” really was.   Following the ACLU trial, with humility and trembling, we did what God called us to do, and we did it in His strength, alone.  But it wasn’t easy.  Although many family, friends, and Christian brothers and sisters supported and prayed for us, there were others that we cared about who ended their acquaintance with us.  It broke my heart.

Those who agreed with the stand that we took would kindly imply things like “You’re so strong… You have so much faith…I could never take a stand like that…, etc.”  Although the words were nice to hear, deep down inside I didn’t feel that those words were accurately me.

Because, personally, I was scared. to. death.  I was scared of what people would say about us, and about how they would treat our children.  I was afraid of getting in a public disagreement.  I was concerned with disappointing people and losing friends.  To be flat out honest, I was worried a lot about “me” and “us” – and how this would affect “me and us” for the rest of our lives.  I tried to remain strong, but I was so tangled up in fear and stress that my hair was literally falling out.

Twila Paris’ song “This Warrior is a Child” became my secret theme song.  I would sing it with the Lord many times through out the day.

They don’t know that I go running home when I fall down.
They don’t know who picks me up when no one is around.

I drop my sword and cry for just a while.
‘Cause deep inside this armor…
This warrior is a child.”

I remember that I was having a particulary hard day on March the third last year.  I was checking my Facebook status updates when I read the most transforming words.  Our church’s preschool minister is known for writing goofy status updates, and on March 3rd, this is what he wrote:  “Tomorrow is March fourth.  So, March forth.”

God used that silly FB status to speak volumes to me.  “Tomorrow is March fourth.  And that’s just what I want you to do.  I want you to get up, and MARCH FORTH!… Stop looking around and being dismayed…stop being worried about pleasing anyone but Me… Rise up O (wo)man of God… Arise and walk… March forth in what I’ve set before you to do/be/accomplish.”

And that’s just what I did.  Praise God, in His strength, I Marched Forth on March forth… and it made all of the difference – not only in my life, but in the lives of our precious family as we continued to take that difficult stand.

The Lord helped me hold my head up high with my face upturned to Him, and my focus switched from fear to faith.  We were able to march forth, and the Lord gave victory.  Praise His Holy Name!!!!!

I share this with you today because:1) It is March fourth.  And on this day, the Lord is re-issuing that same call to us… March Forth with your faces seeking Mine, and don’t look around and be dismayed.  Don’t look to tomorrow.  Just look to Me in complete trust.   To that, I say: Yes sir!

And 2) Because I have a feeling that someone needs to hear the Lord say to you right now – March forth!  Rise up,
O (wo)man of God… Arise and walk… stop being worried about pleasing anyone but Me… March forth in what I’ve set before you to do/be/accomplish.

3) If this was a word from the Lord to you, sweet friend, here is one more:

____________________ (Insert your name here):  “You are My servant-

I have chosen you and not cast you off [even though you are exiled].

Fear not [there is nothing to fear],

for I am with you;

do not look around you in terror and be dismayed,

for I am your God.

I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties,

yes, I will help you;

yes, I will hold you up

and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice.”

Isaiah 41:9-10 (Amp)

You can do it!  With the Lord’s help, you can rise up and March Forth, on March Fourth!  I’m living proof of that – the only brave bone in my body comes from faith in Jesus Christ and trusting in Him!  His Strength in us becomes our Strength for His glory and work!  Praise the Lord!!!!!


“Your God has commanded your strength
 [your might in His service 
and impenetrable hardness to temptation];  
O God, display Your might 
and strengthen what You have wrought for us!… 
The God of Israel Himself 
gives strength and fullness of might 
to His people.  
Blessed be God!”  

Psalm 68:28 & 35

With love and prayer for YOU as you March forth on March fourth…



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  1. Thanks! I went over and read the law suit article. Thank you again! Went to South Street and there was sweet Abigal! She was proud waiting on me and did a great job! All the skills she will learn.