16 Years Ago Today – The Day The Lord Healed Me

I still can hardly think of it without my eyes growing heavy with grateful tears, and my pleas lifting to the Lord on behalf of those longing to have a similar story… 
Why me? I still wonder. Only God knows, and I remain humbly in awe. 
Today I’m on a trip with my mom and sister’s family in the beautiful mountains of Tabernash, CO. Instead of typing a blog post, I recorded a short Periscope video to commentate this special day and offer a few words of encouragement to those wishing that the Lord would do the same for them. (The scenery is breathtaking, btw.) PS: True to my Periscoping skilz, this video cut off early, and I just kept talking on and on… Haha!! 😉 You can watch it here. 
And you can read the whole miraculous healing story and encouragement here. 

There is never a dull moment in a life of trusting in the Lord. He is always faithful to those who trust in Him, {especially} when He doesn’t do what it is that WE think He should. God is good, all the time… And today, we Walkers continue to trust and wait on Him in other areas of a faith-stretching walk. Always, God is good. Always God is faith-FULL. praise the Lord. 


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