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Hi everyone~  How are YOU???  In Walker world, it’s now considered “Summer.”  Yay!! 😉  We are all breathing a little easier now that the emotional days of the past month have waned.

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I have something to confess.  And please – I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me – just so that you can join me in prayer… I have mono again. I know… Bummers!  Looking back, I’ve had it for over a month, but had to press through the graduation festivities, so I’ve officially now been resting for the last week and a half. {Not a bad thing, actually! Within the right and submitted state of mind, forced bed rest can be a blessing, for sure… just an interruption of plans!  You know… “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted…” Psalm 46:10}

The mono’s getting better, but it takes a while to fully recover and build back my strength.  So in-between deep-sand-bag-pressed-feeling-sleeps I’m getting to catch up on some long overdue Bible reading, more focused praying, and tons of email, blog reading, and website browsing that I’ve been wishing I’d have the time to do.  There’s always a gift and a blessing in every situation.  Right? 😉

Anyway… from all of the extra reading I’ve been doing, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds.  I’ve loved a few of these for a long time and just never stopped long enough to pass them on with gusto.

So, with as much gusto as I can muster… Here are my favorite five finds from the internet/tech world {at this moment}.

1.  For Fun:

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Bitmoji App.  I just “love” this!!!  My friend, Stephanie, introduced me – and I haven’t stopped smiling!  It’s a free phone app where you can go in and create an avatar that looks just like YOU, wrinkles, hair, body blobs, and all – Then it puts your avatar in these funny pictures.   Personally, I don’t use the “keyboard” function of this app – I just saved the pics in my phone then upload them to whatever and wherever I want to use them, even in texts.  {Eventually you and my other peeps will get tired of them, but for now, I think it’s pretty fun!!!}

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There are hundreds of picture (and outfit!!!) options.

Disclaimer: Not every picture is appropriate.  Though most are fun and funny, I am not recommending every pic, so I don’t think this is fully family appropriate.

2.  For Your Eyes and Heart and Home:

Ann Voskamp’s Framables.   This generous sister has the most beautiful FREE printables on her site (not to mention her inspiring words, too).  Just head over to  AHolyExperience.com, click on her tab “Freebies,” then “Sticky Notes for the Soul” (or you could just click the link here) and scroll through all of the goodness she offers. (You have to sign up to receive her blog posts via email – which won’t be a disappointment, btw, or sign in if you’re already a blog email subscriber.)  Down toward the bottom of this page is a whole collection of Framables.  A true treasure in word and art.  My goal is to print one of each and switch them out daily in my home.   Just one sample:

WhenYouCantTouchBottom. AnnVoskamp.comBeautiful, yes?  Thank you, Ann Voskamp!!!

3.  For your Marriage:

The Generous Wife.  I’ve been receiving these short daily emails for a few years now.  They don’t take but 30-60 seconds to read, but are filled with a short, quick, and very doable marriage challenge or reminder for the day.  For example, this was today’s email:

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Except through what I receive through my inbox, I don’t know this writer personally or online, but I’ve been blessed and challenged and reminded through what I’ve read, and thought you would be too.  You can check out her blog and sign up to receive her daily reminders here:

4.  For your Mothering of Younger Children:

Missional Motherhood.  I don’t know where I’ve been, but I just now found this Facebook page and it’s FILLED with wisdom from moms (many wise contributors).  They write a blog you can read and subscribe to here MissionalMotherhood.com, and you can like and be inspired through their Facebook page here.

(I didn’t know it until right now, but when I opened their blog page to make sure I had the address correct, there was my friend, MelanieRedd.com posting for them while the editors on vaca this week! It IS a small {blogging} world, after all.) 😉  I sure do wish I had something like this when my bigs were little.

5.  For your Mothering of Older Children (older teens, young adults):

Grown and Flown.   GrownAndFlown.com  Aside from Scripture, it’s my online-go-to place of wisdom and encouragement from moms of the empty(ing) nest.  Their tagline is “Because Parenting Never Ends.”

This is a blog written by a group of empty nest mamas sharing wisdom on all kinds of subjects.  They have been featured on The Today Show, in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Forbes, the Huffington Post… And they bring in other “experts” to cover every topic imaginable.  You have a question about this stage of life for either you or  your child?  They most likely have already found an answer and posted about it.  If not, I’m guessing that you could ask in this forum or on their Facebook page, and someone would step right in and commiserate with help you.  Definitely follow them on Facebook!!  You’ll be glad you did.

Another disclaimer: I don’t agree with every opinion shared, or every recommendation made.  However, these mamas have helped me tremendously over the past two years, and I’m going to be relying on their shared wisdom in the future as we embark on this new phase of family life.

I hope you can be blessed through some of these resources.  None of these are “promotions” for hire, nor do any of those promoted have any idea I’m sending you their way.  😉

You are a blessing to me and I’m thankful that you are part of my life.  I’m heading back to rest for a bit and sure would appreciate your prayers.  We have Abigail’s college orientation in a few days, and I’m asking the Lord for strength to go and enjoy it with her and do all this mama needs to do.  We know God has this and are trusting and waiting while we pray.  Would love for you warriors to join us!!!  Thank you!!

Bitmoji - See You Soon. SmellingCoffee.comWith love and prayers for you dear readers~


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