Monday’s Makes Me Smile – It’s Back! Kind-of – because we all need to smile this week! ;)

Hi friends. If you’ve been a regular SmellingCoffee reader, you’ll have noticed that one of my favorite features, Monday’s Makes Me Smile has been missing of late. (Actually lots of regular posting has been absent lately, but that’s just because I’ve been in that  season of last child heading to college – which happens later this week – but I digress.)

I’ll tell you why there hasn’t been a Monday’s Makes Me Smile in a while: it’s because of some confusion with picture and copyright issues.  Did you know that some of those funny picture memes that people pass around on Facebook, Pinterest, and in blogs, if used without permission, could get users in big trouble?  And around here, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

So, just maybe, I’ve found a way around it?  Not sure, but I figured that if I took screen shots of the pictures and shared my screen shots, maybe that could get around the issue?  I don’t know.  But for today, we’ll hope it works.  Because this is a week that lots of mamas need a little laughter.  Babies of all ages are transitioning into a new phase of life, which means that mamas and daddies and grandparents, etc are transitioning, too.  On top of that, so many are experiencing heartache, dealing with floods, tragedy, loss, unrest…(possibly it’s you?).  Though this silly post won’t change anything going on around us, maybe it will bring a little light-hearted joy to brighten your countenance and make you smile a bit on this Monday.

The Lord is there to rescue
all who are discouraged
    and have given up hope.

 The Lord’s people
    may suffer a lot,
    but he will always
    bring them safely through.
Psalm 34:18-19 (NLT)


A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
    gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.
Proverbs 17:22 (The Message)


O magnify the Lord with me,
And let us lift up His name together.
Psalm 34:3 (AMP)

PS: The pics are full shots from my phone, so just pay attention to the picture in the middle. 😉

To start us off, in this pic below are three of my loves, too!  I think I need this shirt!!!

Haha! And this coffee mug, too!  Who else can relate to this life motto??? haha!

Or what about this one??



Who’s with me on this one?

Just look at her… I love to drink my coffee and pet this baby!  This is Zoe… Our “empty nest dog” James got me several years ago.  She has some barking issues that we’re working on, but other than that, she is the sweetest little companion.  Zoe is a Bea-Tzu, which is a hybrid breed of a beagle (hence the barking) and a Shih-Tzu, and she makes me smile every day!  – And she happily lets me dress her, too! haha!!!)

Zoe Isabelle. Bea-Tzu.



Let’s talk hair…Yep!  Especially in the Southern humidity…You?

hahahahaha!  I’m laughing out loud over the next one… Just imagining a couple of little twin boys I know and love…






This next one is just the best… I’m truly chuckling just thinking about doing this in my yard! hahahaha!!!!!

True, Yes?



Thanks to some FB friends who either sent me these pics or who unknowingly let me snag them from their posts. 😉

The last thing that makes me smile today and this week is what I found on a blog post I had saved from May, and finally got around to reading it over the weekend… at just the perfect timing.  We are packing up Abigail and taking her to Mississippi College this weekend.  Nathan is already there.  Then we will enter a totally new phase of life.  While rejoicing for our children and what they are gaining, I’ve grieved what we are losing.  And then again, I’m looking forward to what we are gaining… Then I read this and was blessedly reminded that this isn’t really about me as much as it’s about them.  

For Moms of College-going

Maybe someone else needs to be reminded of this, as well.  I’ve been reading it over and over, and it’s helping me smile bigger and bigger.  🙂

May the Lord bless and keep you, dear friends, and make His face to shine upon you… and give you His Peace as you step into this new week.  Praise the Lord that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us, assuredly not! (from Numbers 6:24 and Heb. 13:5)



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  1. Thank you for the giggles!! 👍🏼😂💕☕️👍🏼. Have a sweet Monday!!