Best “Homemade” Apple Pie Hack – Always Complimented! Great for Thanksgiving Meal!!!

Y’all… I’m going to let you in on one of my most secret recipes.  Why?  I honestly don’t know… but I feel like someone out there is like me, and just needs to feel like a Thanksgiving hero this year.  And this pie will make it happen (as long as you keep our secret to yourselves)!  {And we’ll just pretend that no one but the two of us are reading this right now.  OK?}

Best Homemade Apple Pie Hack.

Smelling Coffee’s Apple Pie Hack ~

For the seriously BEST and easiest Dutch Apple Pie, here’s what you do, and it must be done in this order:

1.  Choose a lovely glass or pottery pie plate that you own, or a well worn aluminum one, but not a disposable one.

2.  Purchase a Marie Callender’s Dutch Apple Pie from the frozen food section at your local grocery store.  (Don’t laugh!)

3.  Set your frozen pie on the kitchen counter to thaw for about an hour.

4.  Once thawed, remove it from the disposable pie pan and transfer it to your own pie plate.

5.  (This is where it gets it’s homemade look) If the pie doesn’t fit your pie plate, that’s ok!  Just smush it in a bit. Whether it fits or not, take your fingers and pinch the edge of the pie crust to the edge of your pie plate.  Don’t make it too perfect looking.  You could even place a little tear or two around there if you are  feeling a bit mischievous.

6.  Bake the pie according to directions.  At a certain point in the baking, you’ll need to pull it out and sprinkle on the topping.  Do this as messy as you can.  It looks more authentic this way.

7.  Serve your Apple Pie with pride.  After all, you did bake it!  Enjoy the pie and the compliments.  And when asked for the recipe, all you have to say is… “Oh, I’d love to share… but it’s kind of one of those secret recipes.” 😉

Blessings to you all, my friends~



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  1. Love this idea! =)

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!