If We Could Have Coffee together…

If we could share a cup of coffee together and visit face to face, there are some things I’d really love for us to talk about.  I’d want both of us to leave our visit encouraged in our walks with Jesus and emboldened in our trust in Him and His purposes for our lives.

If we could share a cup of coffee and speak face to face, these are some of the things I’d share with you from my own life as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and His awareness of life’s tiny details.  He knows, He sees, and He is acting on exactly where we are at this very moment!  He is faithful, my friends.  Be encouraged and en-Couraged in Him. 🙂

First of all, if it was a cool/low humidity day, we would sip our coffee (I’d drink hazelnut and you’d drink ___?) on the porch under the fan.  If it was in the Spring or Summer, I’d offer you a Lemon Cookie.  If it was in the Fall or Winter, I’d offer you either a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin or a yummy “6-week muffin.”   As we ate, I’d show you these dumb pictures I drew for my blog and we’d laugh at this reminder:  Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Then, we’d commiserate a bit about all we have to do, and toast our coffee mugs to women everywhere while talking about this. 😉

After that, we would most definitely start sharing our hearts and where it is that God has us in this present places of our lives.  If we had visited not too long ago, I would have been right in the middle of the biggest “trust journey” of my life.  Presently, we’re on the other side, but I pray to NEVER forget the lessons learned in our Journey of Trusting the Lord.

If I could, I would look straight into your eyes and ask you this question: Are you weary today?  Then I’d encourage you to  Soak in these words of Jesus ~

I’d share with you these amazing principles gleaned from The Red Sea Rules.

Then you would share a bit of what’s going on in your life.  I’m wondering:
Are you sick and seeking God’s healing, or praying desperately for a loved one to be healed?  God is still healing!  This is my story.

Are you so busy that you hardly have time to catch your breath?  Me too!  Want to know a tested secret to survival?

Are you feeling super stressed about everything right now?  I gained a valuable bit of freedom when I learned to ask, “What Does It Matter?”

Do you need some wisdom in how to pray or advise someone?  This is what the Lord has shared with me.

Do you need a miracle in your marriage?  Getting to know the type of Man you have can really help you cope and pray.

If you’re sending your precious child off to Kindergarten or College – or anywhere in between, this may be a blessing to you as you pray for your babies:  Kindergarten and Baby Moses.

If you are struggling with the stage of life in which you are currently living, may you agree with me and proclaim:  Thus Far, The Lord Has Helped Us.

I would gently remind us both that One Day, We’ll be Thankful for our Difficulties in this life.

And as we wrapped up our visit, we would pray for each other, then leave our time together in laughter –  as we imagined and plotted some of these pranks from Fifteen Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity.

If you had joined me on my porch in this “conversation,” it would have been an honor to share a cup of coffee and a little encouragement with you.  I’m always encouraged by these reminders and by spending time with friends and Jesus.

God is faithful, my friends, and He won’t let you down.  You can pour it out and lean it all on Him.  He’s got you!

Much love to you~  Come back and visit anytime! 😉