Happy 2017!!! What Will You Do With Your Next God-given 365 days?

  Happy New Year, everybody!  I just love the beginning of a new year!!  To me, a fresh clean crisp-paged calendar means tons of open spaces available and waiting to be filled with with opportunities for growth, fellowship, ministry, and fun!  However, along with those open spaces, there is always a question to be asked […]

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Be Still: A Beautiful Realization of Christmas

Be Still and Know that I am God this Christmas. SmellingCoffee.com

My Dear friends~  May God use this writing as an encouragement to you on this Christmas Eve, written by my young friend, Abigail Krutz. Last night I was practicing with the handbell choir from my church. As we played through What Child Is This, the peaceful simplicity of Christmas struck me. In the sanctuary the […]

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Is Jesus on your Gift-Giving List this Christmas?…What are you giving to Jesus for His Birthday?

What are YOU giving to Jesus for Christmas this year? It's His birthday. Here is an idea of what He might want. SmellingCoffee.com

Several years ago, as I was preparing my Sunday School lesson and studying about the Wise Men and what they brought to Jesus, The Lord blessed me with a “new to me” truth.  This truth so impacted my life that it will now forever be a part of my Christmas preparations. I’m I’m sure we’ve […]

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A Word of Encouragement if it’s Christmas time, and life isn’t turning out like you planned?

When it's Christmas and life isn't turning out like you planned, God has an even better plan! SmellingCoffee.com

So here we are… It’s Christmas time… and maybe life hasn’t turned out just like you had hoped or planned.  (Somehow, Hollywood has made us think that everything should fall into place just because it’s Christmas.  Because OF CHRISTmas, yes.  However, it probably won’t all happen around December 25th.  Right?) But guess what?!  God’s plans are […]

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Looking for an Alternative to “Elf on the Shelf?”

Try playing “Seek and Find Jesus”! *** Let me start this post by making it clear that I am in NO way dissing the Elf. I think that, like every other Christmas-themed festivity, with some Spirit-inspired creativity, little Elfie on the Shelfie can be used in such a way that points children to Jesus. In […]

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It’s Advent Season 2016!

Advent Ideas. SmellingCoffee.com

Are you and your family observing Advent from now until Christmas?  I grew up in a home where God and Jesus were very much a part of our lives, but Advent wasn’t something we participated in.  We just weren’t aware of it.  Some church denominations focus greatly on Advent and others don’t. Mine didn’t back […]

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Quick Thanksgiving Table “Game” Ideas

One Minute Thanksgiving Game SmellingCoffee.com

  In the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving Day, the cooking, the gathering, the eating, the cleaning up, and fitting the other family traditions worked in… it’s often easy to become more frustrated than thankful (especially as the hostess). We don’t mean to be this way.  We have every intention to keep a thankful heart. […]

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Best “Homemade” Apple Pie Hack – Always Complimented! Great for Thanksgiving Meal!!!

Best Homemade Apple Pie Hack. SmellingCoffee.com

Y’all… I’m going to let you in on one of my most secret recipes.  Why?  I honestly don’t know… but I feel like someone out there is like me, and just needs to feel like a Thanksgiving hero this year.  And this pie will make it happen (as long as you keep our secret to […]

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